Contact Center Trends 2022: Utilizing Technology to Improve Contact Center Performance
28 Dec 2021 Phintraco

Contact Center Trends 2022: Utilizing Technology to Improve Contact Center Performance

Customers are the most crucial element in the company's business processes. Thus, many companies compete to provide maximum satisfaction for customers who use their products or services. Besides maintaining customers' trust, this effort is also intended to gain more exposure and attract new potential customers. One of the main strategies to striving for a good customer experience is maximizing contact center performance by following current trends.

Contact Center Trends 2022

The current contact center trend in 2022 focuses on providing the best service by utilizing the latest technology. Here is the list of contact center trends for 2022, with technology utilization, that you should pay attention to.

The Use of Desktop Ease the Contact Center Agents’ Work

During the process, contact center employees not only become the face of your company, but they also have other significant roles as problem solvers, product managers, sales executives, consultants, and many more. They must work hard in carrying out these main roles, although sometimes they have to deal with complex problems that require patience, speed, and accuracy. One of the efforts to support the role of contact center agents is by providing a desktop. This desktop is a workspace that can be customized to quickly bring out various applications (CRM and third-party systems) solutions in only one panel. This convenience reduces switching to multiple screens. Hence, your employees can stay motivated and focused on providing the best possible customer experience.

Unified Communication

Currently, it is not only the contact center that has a role in providing the maximum customer experience, but all company employees must also take part. Your company must implement a customer-centered mindset and culture to support contact center employees and contribute to a customer experience that can enhance your company's business development. One strategy to be used is by utilizing seamless cloud-based unified communications and contact center applications. These technologies will ease the contact center employees to connect the expert employees with customers for specific problems quickly. Another convenience is the ability to communicate with fellow employees via text, audio, video, and various files when dealing with customers or important projects with just one click.

Automation Using AI

Contact center agents usually have to deal with complicated and time-consuming things while providing services. At times like this, other technologies that can automate the system in the contact center are needed. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are implemented. By utilizing an AI-based virtual contact center agent, companies can respond to customers 24/7. This automation is still assisted by contact center employees if needed, with structured guidance provided by the system. Another technology that can be used is Conversational Intelligence which automatically provides solutions to various questions or problems that customers often face. With this automation technology, the contact center can work more optimally in an efficient time.

Implementation of Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication technology is one of the innovations used to expand the company's business. The convenience offered by this technology has changed the way business processes work as a whole, including those related to customers. Customers are currently "demanding" to communicate with contact center agents that can be personalized through many channels. Therefore, omnichannel communication is very useful to meet customer needs. Omnichannel communication can bring out the service delivery standards they want. This innovation works by optimizing and focusing on customer interaction and contact center agents. With omnichannel communication, the experience that customers get will be smooth and consistently carried out on any communication channel.

Combination of AI in IVR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the drivers of current technological progress. AI can be used independently and can also be combined with other technologies to get maximum results. The emergence of AI technology has triggered another technological innovation called IVR. AI pioneered the use of speech recognition in IVR. This innovation makes it easier for the contact center to direct the customers (callers) to related employees or departments. Thus, customers will get the assistance to solve their problems quickly and precisely. In addition, IVR systems with AI can pull relevant information or data to personalize customer experience needs. Keeping up and implementing contact center trends is one of the company's efforts to maintain customer performance and trust. Due to technological advancement, existing trends can help companies grow significantly. Phintraco Technology, part of the Phintraco Group, is ready to support your company to transform and keep up with the pace of trends development, especially in the implementation of contact centers with the latest technology. Please find out more about contact centers and other supporting solutions for your company by contacting us at marketing@phintraco.comReferences:

Tech Trends 2022 by Gartner, Help Your Business Grow
21 Dec 2021 Phintraco

Tech Trends 2022 by Gartner, Help Your Business Grow

The COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to continue until 2022 and will still impact society's lives, especially for the economic and business sectors. Technological developments during the pandemic have urged the people in business and economic sectors to survive, chase the transformation pace, and compete in the industry. This urgency initiated the technology trends of 2022 to focus more and more on creating change and accelerating growth in the economy and business.

Tech Trends for 2022

According to Gartner, the demands of businesses to achieve growth through customer relationships will be highlighted in every 2022 technology trend. Here are 7 technology trends for 2022:

1.      Total Experience (TX)

Same with the technology trend in 2021, total experience (TX) is predicted to become the technology trend again in 2022. TX is one approach to improve the entire range of management for customers and company employees. The customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), user experience (UX), and multi-experience (MX) are all part of TX. TX aims to increase customer and employee trust and satisfaction. TX's business processes that are adaptive and flexible will increase the sales and profits of the company. Implementing Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Unified Communication solutions is one way to keep up and express the TX trend for the company. You can consult solutions related to total experience with Phintraco Technology, MitraComm Ekasarana, and Phintraco Consulting.

2.      Cloud-Native Platform (CNP)

Digital transformation pushes almost all systems to be accessible anywhere and anytime. Due to the technology trend in 2022, the companies must shift from traditional transfer methods to CNP to provide effective and flexible digital capabilities. CNP leverages key features of cloud computing to offer scalable and flexible IT capabilities to technology users who utilize the internet, resulting in faster uptime and lower costs. The implementation of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solution provided by PhinCon is a form of keeping up and expressing the CNP trends within the company.

3.      Distributed Enterprise

In 2022, remote and hybrid work patterns are still common. In the technology trend of 2022, companies with office-centered systems are gradually shifting to distributed enterprises. Distributed enterprises use cloud services, wireless and cellular telecommunications, and high-speed WANs to connect the head office with branches. Companies can make real-time decisions with a distributed enterprise because all assets can be accessed without a centralized data center. Distributed enterprises can ensure that different asset locations can be accessed securely without adding complexity to the process. If your company wants to implement a Distributed Enterprise, your company can work with Phintraco Technology which is engaged in IT Infrastructure.

4.      Cybersecurity Mesh

The problem of cyberattacks still overshadows the end of 2021. Hence, Cybersecurity Mesh will still be a technology trend in 2022. Cybersecurity mesh is a security integration that takes in a broader network than covert computation, which focuses on data security. Cybersecurity mesh is an approach that protects each device individually with its perimeter. This approach allows the IT team to track and monitor different network parts' access levels better. In addition, cybersecurity mesh also allows anyone to access digital assets anywhere securely. The implementation of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions is a form of keeping up and expressing Cybersecurity Mesh trends within the company. These solutions are available in the Aplikas Servis Pesona.

5.      Hyperautomation

This technology will still be a technology trend in 2022. Hyperautomation is an approach that utilizes modern and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) to automate many business processes that humans usually perform.  It should be underlined that implementing hyper-automation does not mean replacing all the work done by humans but rather providing support and making work easier to focus more on more valuable and important things to the company. The implementation of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution provided by PhinCon is a form of keeping up and expressing hyper-automation trends within the company.

6.      Privacy-Enhancing Computation (PEC)

Privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) will be the technology trend of 2022 as digital security will become even more critical in the future. Using Privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) secures digital data in use while maintaining privacy or confidentiality. Since the process is carried out simultaneously, this system can minimize the time used. The techniques in this system are usually difficult to achieve with conventional security approaches. Therefore, PEC is needed by companies to improve the security and privacy of personal or sensitive information in an efficient time. Implementing Privileged Access Management (PAM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Traffic Analytic, Data Loss Prevention, Fraud Analytic, and Identity Governance and Administration solutions is a form of keeping up and expressing PEC trends within the company. You can contact Phintraco Technolgy and Aplikas Servis Pesona to implement PEC in your company.

7.      Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the most prominent and effective AI approaches on the market is Generative AI. Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence algorithms that allow users to create new, unique and logical content by leveraging content or objects from existing data. It can be used for different purposes, including developing software code, facilitating medical research, and marketing targets. However, this innovation can also be misused for fraud, embezzlement, and other criminal acts. You can consult the implementation of AI solutions with PhinCon, an IT Consulting and services company. Looking at the seven top technology trends described above, does your company currently have a capable system to keep up with those technology trends for 2022? If you are still evaluating the readiness of your company's systems and want to find out more information, you can contact us, Phintraco Group. Phintraco Group and each of its subsidiaries will always be ready to take part in the technological transformation that your company wants to achieve to improve customer experience and keep up with the trends. Contact us through email at to discover suitable technology solutions for your company. References: 

Modernizing IT Infrastructure for a Digital Era Competition
14 Dec 2021 Phintraco

Modernizing IT Infrastructure for a Digital Era Competition

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to implement digital-based services. Many companies are starting to develop digital services to make business processes easier for customers. In this digitalization era, business competition is getting tougher. Companies must have their uniqueness to be excellent to every other company. The company's uniqueness can be anything; one of them is having a modern IT infrastructure.Competing in the digital era is difficult since all information is available transparently and can be accessed by anyone in the digital world. This can happen because modern tools can evaluate the existing analytical and processing capabilities and the algorithm of an application that is also well-known by users worldwide. Therefore, using modern IT infrastructure is the right strategy for companies to be excellent to every other company.

Building Modern IT Infrastructure

Modernizing IT infrastructure is a crucial foundation to be excellent in the digital-based business world. Having a modern IT infrastructure makes technology performance efficient and strategic. It also can reduce costs significantly. So, how to build a modern IT infrastructure? Here are 3 crucial factors in building a modern IT infrastructure:
  1. Adaptation
Technology moves faster and creates more sophisticated innovations. Companies must adapt to current technology and keep up with technological developments to continuously grow and win business competitions. Adaptation to existing technology is also able to expand the business scale. If followed by building a modern IT infrastructure, continuous business growth will be more effective and efficient.
  1. Automation
Technology makes all services work automatically. Modern IT infrastructure must help the existing technology work automatically and simplify business processes to run more efficiently and quickly. By having technology that supports automation, companies will survive and thrive in the face of competition in the digital era.
  1. Data Protection
Technological developments propose many ways to store data. Ensure your company uses secure data storage to protect customer data and company data from cyber attacks securely. Building a modern IT infrastructure requires data storage systems with the latest technological sophistication because cyberattacks constantly update their sophistication.

Build Modern IT Infrastructure with Phintraco Technology

IT infrastructure is the technological foundation that can support its business strategy and ability to innovate with technology. Modernizing IT infrastructure can be carried out on various types of IT infrastructure such as data centers, communication networks, IT security, servers, storage, and technology services for end-users. It needs to be done to support companies in creating business strategies, developing more modern business innovations, and winning the competition in the digital era. After knowing the 3 crucial factors in building a modern IT infrastructure, it is time for the company to choose an IT infrastructure provider that accommodates modern IT infrastructure and follows the latest technological developments. Phintraco Technology, as a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, provides a Modern IT Infrastructure solution as one of many solutions offered. Companies' benefits when using modern IT infrastructure solutions from Phintraco Technology can be seen hereIf you want to know more about the modern IT infrastructure provided by Phintraco Technology, contact us at marketing@phintraco.comReferences: article:

Benefits of Using Modern IT Infrastructure
07 Dec 2021 Phintraco

Benefits of Using Modern IT Infrastructure

In recent years, many companies have accelerated their digital transformation. This acceleration happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It making almost all activities must be carried out at home and requiring technology to facilitate activities. The acceleration of digital transformation is also carried out due to rapid technological developments. These technological developments create a modern IT infrastructure that continues to grow.

Benefits of Using Modern IT Infrastructure

Utilizing a modern IT infrastructure not only updates the old system with a new one but makes the role of technology more broadly into other business processes. Companies must continuously update their knowledge of the latest technology in order to use modern IT infrastructure that is more sophisticated than traditional IT infrastructure. What are the benefits of using modern IT infrastructure for companies? Let us take a look at the benefits of using modern IT infrastructure for companies.
  1. Adapt to the Business Development
When using modern IT infrastructure, the current business can adapt to existing technological developments and can make the business grow more than before. Modern IT infrastructure can make your company keep abreast of more dynamic business changes.
  1. Simplify the Complexity
The company's digital field has differences in each IT system owned, so they should ensure that the modern IT infrastructure is compatible with the existing digital sophistication. Using modern IT infrastructure can reduce the complexity of IT infrastructure because various technology solutions provided make it simpler. The use of modern IT infrastructure requires a range of technology solutions from trusted companies to keep updating the system in line with current technology development.
  1. More Cost-Efficient
As previously explained, modern IT infrastructure can reduce the complexity of systems and infrastructure. Therefore, it will also reduce the cost to be more efficient.
  1. More Accessible Innovations
Implementing modern IT infrastructure is supported by various types of more sophisticated technology and carried out by a technical team with certification from well-known principals. Hence, technological innovations are more quickly accessible when compared to using traditional IT infrastructure. The company will have a broader business than before because it can use modern IT infrastructure to make more modern business innovations.If your company is considering building a modern IT infrastructure, make sure the modern IT infrastructure provider you choose offers several benefits as described. Phintraco Technology is an IT Infrastructure Consulting & System Integrator service provider that offers a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions and guarantees all the benefits described previously. Modern IT infrastructure solutions provided by Phintraco Technology are ranging from PCs to sophisticated computing and storage. Phintraco Technology is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group supported by an experienced and certified team. Phintraco Technology can provide modern IT infrastructure solutions based on the applications running in the business environment and their needs. Contact us at for more information on a modern IT infrastructure for your company. References: