Improving Data Center Reliability Through Virtualization
18 Oct 2022 Phintraco

Improving Data Center Reliability Through Virtualization

The growth of big data in this digital era has made many companies realize the importance of digital data storage to support business operations. Because having a dedicated physical server is no longer considered efficient or economical. Companies gradually began to implement cloud computing, particularly in Indonesia. The first step that companies must take is to use virtualization technology to transform their data centers from physical to virtual. Virtualization technology is currently used as an alternative solution to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, the virtualization technology is simple to maintain. This article will look at how virtualization can improve data center reliability.

Data Center Virtualization

Data centers, a technology whose existence is a data storage solution, are present as a solution to companies' needs in managing and accessing data. A data center is a unique location that houses a network and servers. Data centers organize, process, store, and distribute information. Unfortunately, the data center has a limited capacity, so more equipment and cutting-edge technology are required to increase its storage capacity. As a result, virtualization solutions may be considered. Virtualization in data centers is now widely used in a variety of industries. Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the critical need for digital data storage servers, making virtualization a viable option, given that virtualization systems are more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective for IT budget allocation.

How Virtualization Improves Data Center Reliability

Virtualization is a technology with a simple concept that has a large impact on today's enterprise data centers. Before the advent of virtualization technology, companies typically focused on sprawl servers that had a high-cost load, required more space and resources, underutilized computing overloads, and processes that were still manual, making them ineffective and efficient. The presence of this virtualization can change the flaws that exist on the sprawl server and drastically alter the process. As a result, many companies are now running some of their workloads in a virtual environment. Then, explain how virtualization technology improves the data center's reliability in supporting the company's operational activities:
  1. Improve Operating System Reliability
Virtualization in a data center creates a simulated or virtual computing environment that differs from the physical environment. Computer-generated operating systems are included in virtualization. This enables companies to partition a single computer or physical server into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine can then interact autonomously, running different operating systems or applications while sharing resources from a single host machine.
  1. Maximize Flexibility
Virtualization can help to accelerate deployment, simplify operations, and reduce complexity. In addition, because management is simply monitored via a single dashboard, the company can concentrate more on improving its products and services.
  1. Streamline Data Center Management
Virtualization enables centralized management and monitoring of data centers with hyper-converged infrastructure technology, allowing the IT team to focus more on developing services that add value to the business.Not only is virtualization in the data center more practical in supporting the company's operational activities, but it can also streamline its operational cost budget. If you are the owner or manager of a data center and want to reduce operational costs effectively, this virtualization method is the solution. Phintraco Technology is an IT Infrastructure company that can assist your organization with its virtualization needs. This Phintraco Group subsidiary has worked extensively with companies from various industries. Phintraco Technology can assist you in modernizing your company's data center to run more effectively and efficiently. Contact us via for complete information about virtualization.  Reference: Related article: Everything You Need to Know About SD-WAN Baca juga: 3 Alasan Pentingnya Penggunaan Solusi Workforce Management yang Handal

Virtualization Enables Enterprises in Maximizing the Potential of Kubernetes for Application Modernization
11 Oct 2022 Phintraco

Virtualization Enables Enterprises in Maximizing the Potential of Kubernetes for Application Modernization

Companies are currently focusing on application modernization, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization is motivated by digital trends, remote work (WFH), and rising customer expectations. Businesses must evolve to thrive, which is why so many are opting for digital transformation. As enterprises modernize their applications, they will create new processes and the infrastructure to support them. In addition, a solid application modernization strategy can reduce the resources needed to run applications, improving efficiency and security. Finally, by updating business processes, lowering maintenance costs, and making data more accessible, application modernization enables enterprises to accelerate innovation and enter the market faster.

Accelerate the Modernization of Applications Across Kubernetes Platforms with Virtualization

Virtualization solutions help enterprises accelerate application modernization by streamlining infrastructure management within the Kubernetes platform. Furthermore, this solution makes it easier for developers to use data container services in on-premises and hybrid environments. This solution includes a self-service catalogue function that allows developers to optimize and customize it based on the company's needs and quickly deploy those applications across the Kubernetes platform.

Virtualization Effectively Optimizes Developer Productivity

Virtualization technology has technical applications that can improve developer productivity. Here are some examples of how this technology effectively optimizes developer productivity:
  1. Easier for Operators
The first benefit gained by the company from implementing virtualization is that it makes it easier to manage virtual machines and containers using a build, run, and manage strategy. In addition, virtualization allows operators to manage all of their Kubernetes clusters from any location.
  1. Better Developer Experience
Virtualization can improve the developer experience by making software better and faster. Furthermore, virtualization increases workload flexibility and mobility, API-based automation and speed to support developer self-service access.
  1. More Resilient
Virtualization increases the dependability of the IT environment. In the event of a hardware failure, virtualization has the highly available ability to reduce downtime. High Availability provides methods for keeping the virtual machine running even if the hardware fails. This is a critical feature for IT environments that cannot afford machine downtime.
  1. More Secure
Virtualization solutions also provide a high level of security for enterprises through the Kubernetes platform and SaaS management functions. By using virtualization, customers can meet security policies that automatically adapt to changes in a virtual system. As an example, consider the introduction of a new virtual machine. This solution will provide continuous security of both physical and virtual IT environments through a single offering and integration.
  1. Better Performance
When it comes to performance when running a virtual machine, virtualization can provide a more seamless user experience. Virtualization provides exceptional performance by utilizing robust resource management and NUMA optimization, compensating for any virtualization overhead.
  1. Lower Total Cost
Because of the limitations of x86 servers, many enterprises must use multiple servers, each of which operates at a fraction of its capacity. High operating costs compensate for today's high storage and processing demands. Virtualization is the most effective way for all sizes of businesses to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency and agility.Therefore, is virtualization necessary for the enterprise? The answer is critical. Virtualization is necessary for companies, no matter how large or small can ignore it. This is because virtualization provides numerous benefits and advantages for developers in terms of company advancement. As an IT Infrastructure company, Phintraco Technology is the ideal solution for your company's virtualization requirements. Phintraco Technology has extensive experience working with various companies in various industries. With cutting-edge capabilities ready to support developers, Phintraco Technology, as a subordinary of Phintraco Group, can help you efficiently adopt Kubernetes while supporting stateful applications. Of course, with increased scalability and a variety of new features, virtualization can effectively optimize the productivity of your company's developers. Contact us via for more information about Virtualization solutions. Reference: Related article: 5 Types of Storage as Enterprise Data Storage Solutions Baca juga: Memodernisasi Data Center Bantu Perusahaan Lebih Berkembang

Virtualization: A Technology that Brings Many Benefits
04 Oct 2022 Phintraco

Virtualization: A Technology that Brings Many Benefits

The demand for hardware, such as servers, will rise in tandem with the advancement of information and communication technology. However, the multiple servers will complicate IT management and maintenance for the company. Furthermore, high costs for the acquisition and provision of premises will be incurred. This can occur when a new information system or application requires a new server and additional storage. As a result, a solution to the problem is required, specifically hardware or minimal hardware that can provide optimal service to increase effectiveness and efficiency while working within existing constraints, such as budget constraints. The use of virtualization technology is one solution to this problem.

What is the Virtualization?

Virtualization technology is now an alternative solution to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, virtualization technology aids the company's IT management in its maintenance. Virtualization simulates hardware, operating systems, networks, and other components. Virtualization is used in information technology to improve the scalability of existing hardware. Multiple operating systems can run on a single computer simultaneously, thanks to virtualization. This has the potential to reduce the company's expenses significantly. Virtualization technology will be widely used in the future by companies engaged in information technology and those not solely engaged in information technology but use it to advance their business.

Benefits of Virtualization for Enterprise

Virtualization is a technology that provides numerous benefits in a variety of industries. The following are some of the benefits of such virtualization:
  1. Operating cost savings
Virtualization can help enterprises optimise their technology by utilizing fewer physical servers and storage devices. This can lower the costs of power, cooling, maintenance, and space. In addition, virtualization significantly impacts operational costs, allowing companies to redirect their resources to other opportunities.
  1. Reducing or eliminating downlines
Virtualization enables the operation of multiple virtual machines at the same time. As a result, virtualization can greatly increase productivity by allowing users to continue working even if their operating system or application crashes.
  1. Improving IT employee productivity
Virtualization significantly reduces the workload of IT staff. For example, such staff may be responsible for server deployment, maintenance, and other technical tasks. However, virtualization technology allows them to complete those tasks in minutes.
  1. Faster server provisioning and deployment
Virtualization allows for rapid provisioning and deployment of systems. For example, after provisioning a virtual server, you can clone it to create another system without spending additional money on a new physical server. Not to mention that when you buy a new server, we must also perform network wiring, server rack placement, and long and complex server installations.
  1. Provides flexibility in disaster recovery
One of the most significant benefits of virtualization is the ability to quickly and securely move virtual machines from one physical server to another. Because data backup must be done quickly, regularly, and effectively, most virtualization platforms include failover automation features. This feature enables you to simulate disasters so that we can easily prevent and manage your server.Virtualization is becoming an appealing option for enterprises looking to improve their business intelligence with simpler operational systems, improve business continuity, and reduce risks. To reap the benefits of virtualization effectively, it is necessary to collaborate with the right vendor who can provide a comprehensive solution. Thus, your company can construct a strong and flexible virtual infrastructure. Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, is the ideal solution for your company's virtualization requirements. In addition to extensive collaboration with companies from various industries, Phintraco Technology has extensive experience as an IT Infrastructure company. Phintraco Technology can assist you in making your company more advanced for the next generation. Please contact us at for additional information about virtualization. Reference:,of%20scale%20and%20greater%20efficiency Related article: 3 Main Focus Modernize Data Center in The Digital Age Baca juga: Data Center Tradisional vs Data Center Modern: Apa Perbedaannya?