3 Benefits of Conducting Quality Monitoring for Contact Center

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Quality monitoring is one of the essential elements needed to measure the contact center’s performance. Quality monitoring helps measure the success of a contact center because companies can measure how effective the previously designed strategies are to achieve satisfactory contact center performance. Furthermore, if the strategy does not produce positive results, the company can immediately improve the contact center’s performance.

In this article, we will discuss more 3 benefits of conducting quality monitoring for contact centers. Here are the benefits and their explanations:

1.      Improve Service Quality

If a company has a special team to ensure that all contact center operations run according to the KPI that has been set, the contact center will show better performance than before. Quality monitoring will help the contact center increase the number of calls and the number of problems resolved in one day. It will automatically reduce call waiting times, which usually hinders the perfection of a customer’s satisfaction level. Therefore, conducting quality monitoring for contact centers will help companies improve service quality and produce positive performance.

2.      Improve Customer Experience

If you have succeeded in improving the contact center services quality, it will not be difficult to improve the customer experience. As we already know, the contact center in the current era highly affects the reputation and image of a company or brand for the customer. By conducting quality monitoring, the company can ensure that all agents work according to the SOP and maximize the services provided to increase customer satisfaction.

3.      Reduce high employee turnover

A high employee turnover has become a problem for the contact center. The other benefit of conducting quality monitoring is that each agent can find out their strengths and weaknesses. This assessment can provide satisfaction for agents and become a benchmark for companies to provide appropriate training for all agents.

How to Implement Effective Contact Center Quality Monitoring

It is not difficult to implement contact center quality monitoring if we already know what steps to take to maximize the results. Phintraco Technology offers Verint’s Automated Quality Management solution for companies that want to start or improve their contact center quality monitoring system.

By using Automated Quality Management from Verint, companies can document all contact center interactions without the need for additional employees or other resources. This solution has been equipped with KPIs for Quality Management to immediately improve contact center operations in a relatively short time and get a faster ROI.

This solution helps the contact center team improve compliance and customer service quality by providing comprehensive documentation of all customer interactions. Thus, the agent skills in dealing with customers can be increased. Besides, it will also increase compliance and improve other essential components to support the success of a contact center.

Specifically designed to increase the effectiveness of implementing contact centers quality monitoring, Verint’s Automated Quality Management has features that help companies improve the following aspects of contact centers:

  • Increase compliance

This solution can reduce the risk of non-compliance and penalties by ensuring all agents carry out their duties following SOPs, providing the right information, and following mandatory scripts.

  • Improve contact center operational efficiency

Automated Quality Management helps the identification process if there is a discrepancy in the process and technology usage that causes a degradation in contact center services quality.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

This solution will help the contact center team proactively identify customers who need special treatment from agents.

  • Improve employee satisfaction

By using this solution, companies can assess agent and operational performance consistently and objectively in every interaction. It will directly share the assessment with the relevant agent and the team that leads the agent’s performance. The assessment results will be obtained transparently so that each party can determine the proper training to improve the contact center quality in the future.

  • Improve the effectiveness of controlling incurred costs for the contact center

Automated Quality Management from Verint takes a relatively short time to implement, but the capabilities offered can accelerate ROI.

If contact centers’ quality monitoring is appropriately implemented, it can benefit businesses interacting with customers daily without time constraints. It improves service quality and customer satisfaction and reduces high employee turnover rates while maximizing future business goals.

With Automated Quality Management solutions, companies can conduct quality monitoring with quick results, useful for overall business progress and objective.







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