3 High-Value Uses of Speech Analytics for Business

29 Mar 2022 Phintraco

3 High-Value Uses of Speech Analytics for Business

Customer experience is a most-talked topic in business since its standards are constantly changing. As the company’s front line, the contact center is responsible for ensuring the best possible response to customers and providing them with efficient solutions to achieve the best customer experience. Using advanced technology such as speech analytics is one approach to achieving this balance. How can this speech analytics benefit your business? Find 3 uses of speech analytics to help your business grow here.

1.                  Sales

Every interaction with a customer or potential customer is an opportunity to develop a relationship or make a sale. There is no doubt that it would be better if the contact center did not always offer products explicitly in terms of sales. The contact center has to know the right time to make a sale, which is their most challenging responsibility. Knowing the right moment to make a sales offer is to be aware of the elements that influence a customer to buy something at one particular moment.

Instead of second-guessing, let your customers tell you through past conversations. To identify them, you need this solution that can provide data on which situations lead to which behaviors. This tool will reveal parts of the sales initiative that you can use to modify existing contact center procedures to increase sales.

2.                  Marketing

Records and customer data in the contact center can also help the marketing division to develop. It contains information about your brand perception, deficiencies, or issues to improve. Thus, speech analytics can provide you with all those things, leading to insights about which parts of the company or product could be used for a marketing campaign.

Besides, this solution can also help you understand how customers use your products, how your prices compare to others, how easy and effective your sales service is, and how your company image compares directly to competitors. With these insights, the marketing division can develop a marketing campaign according to targets that potentially give profit opportunities for the company.

3.                  Assessment

You can use speech analytics to measure the tone of voice of each customer and the words used to predict customer satisfaction for a particular call accurately. With this, you can find out which customers are at risk and potentially give profit. This solution can help you discover what your customers like and do not like about the products, service levels, and procedures your contact center provides by identifying every conversation between the customer and the contact center.

Speech analytics can also provide automated assessments based on various criteria by listening for keywords and phrases, ensuring agents follow processes, and analyzing contact center agents’ and customers’ language and tone of sentiment. From this assessment, you can apply your best procedure consistently and improve overall performance.


Besides the 3 high-value uses of speech analytics above, a speech analytics solution also offers many more benefits for your business. Do not hesitate to start your digital contact center transformation using speech analytics from Phintraco Technology.







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