4 Benefits of Cloud-Based Unified Communication Solutions

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Technology is always evolving. Nowadays, there are several cloud-based services that offer many benefits for its users, such as flexibility, reducing costs, increasing business agility and scalability, and easy monitoring and maintenance.

The use of cloud services can help companies to improve overall business performance, as it helps companies to ensure business development is running well to enter new markets. One of cloud-based solutions that becomes a today’s trend in business environment is Unified Communication solution.

Why is Unified Communication important to modern companies? The answer is because this solution can improve business communication effectiveness, without having to worry about distance, times, and media. To know further information about key features and capabilities of Unified Communication solutions for businesses, you can read this article: https://phintraco-tech.com/2021/02/03/improving-business-communication-effectiveness-unified-communication-solutions/

In this article, we will focus on discussing about the 4 benefits of cloud-based Unified Communication solutions.

Every business is unique, so that the needs of solutions and services will also be different from others, yet  legacy unified communications systems lack the capabilities to complete those unique needs. Therefore, companies need to use cloud-based Unified Communication solutions because it offers these following benefits:

1. Keep your business running wherever your employees are

Cloud-based unified communication enables users to access any feature from anywhere on any device, because it does not need specific physical locations. This benefit is very crucial to modern companies, especially at the current pandemic situation. You can keep your business running well wherever your employees are, and eliminate the risks which might lead to loss of productivity.

2. Flexible and scalable

By using a cloud-based Unified Communication, companies only need to pay what users need. As businesses accelerate and require more sophisticated features, they can easily upgrade the systems. This benefit allows companies to plan and manage costs more efficiently and accurately.

3. Advanced features built on artificial intelligence (AI)

AI fuels innovation and agility. Therefore, a cloud-based Unified Communication solution with processing capability to perform AI will provide maximum benefits to deliver the advanced services businesses need such as facial recognition and analytics.

4. Rapid deployment for faster time to market

Digital transformation requires speed, yet legacy systems do not have the capability to complete those need. By using cloud-based Unified Communication, the deployment or system distribution process will be faster, making it easier for companies to get additional revenue because the company does not need to do high-risk investment.

Every company should be supported by advanced technology to keep their business running well wherever their employees are. Working from home or working from anywhere culture has become a new trend in business environment, and cloud-based Unified Communication comes with key benefits to support this trend. To get further information about cloud-based Unified Communication, you can reach us at marketing@phintraco.com



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