4 Keys to Successful Digital Transformation

25 Jul 2021 Phintraco

4 Keys to Successful Digital Transformation

The idea of digital transformation is closely related to digital transformation but what does this mean particularly for companies? And how do businesses navigate the keys to successful digital transformation?

Through this article, you will be able to get an overview of digital transformation and understand better the keys to successful digital transformation to get the real advantages for your business.

What does digital transformation mean particularly for companies?

Digital transformation refers to the process of continuous transition to digital processes based on a modern IT infrastructure, utilizing relevant technologies to streamline business process, simplify customer and employee collaboration, using data to unleash business value, and optimally networked data and systems.

However, digital transformation is not only about advanced technology. There are other critical success factors of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Challenges

Forbes’ research shows that 62% failure in digital transformation are caused by employees that don’t like leaving their comfort change, so they lack of communication, engagement and alignment with the new goals.

In addition, many employees think that digital transformation will eliminate the need for their skills and expertise for companies. This mainly happens because many people believe that new technology will replace them. However, according to research, 67% of companies report that technology disruption has had positive impact on job creation.

Therefore, the first keys to successful digital transformation is conveying that their role will not be replaced, yet their abilities will increase along with technological sophistication.

After conveying the clear explanation to employees, companies can start their transformation journey by implementing these 4 keys to successful digital transformation:

  1. Choose digital-savvy leaders

Nearly 70% of all respondents say that successful teams during the transformation most notably when the management team was joined by new leaders familiar with emerging technologies. So, choosing a digital-savvy leader is among the keys to successful transformation.

  1. Capacity advancement for workforce

McKinsey study indicates that the advancement of workforce around business is a critical action for successful digital transformation. Companies report successful transformation after improving their recruitment strategy and facilitating regular training to develop employees’ skills.

  1. Using advanced technology to streamline business process

For companies that want to empower employees to work in a more effective way, survey shows that success can be supported and measured by digitising tools and processes.

McKinsey research shows that using digital tools to make daily tasks easier is one of keys to successful digital transformation.

  1. Communicating frequently via traditional and digital methods

As we have previously mentioned, having effective communication strategy is crucial during a digital transformation. Therefore, communicating frequently via traditional and digital method is important. The goals are to convey the explanation that helps employees understand where the organisation is heading, why it is changing, and why the changes are significant. A digital transformation is two times more likely to be successful at companies which adopt this approach.

Phintraco’s Suite of Solutions is Here to Lead You to Successful Digital Transformation

Some of Forbes and McKinsey research give us new insights about the keys to successful digital transformation. We can learn that human resources are the critical key of successful digital transformation, and technology is the rest.

As digital transformation requires new ways of working as well as changes to the organization’s overall culture, companies need to work together with professional partners that can help them refine their digital transformation journey.

By providing comprehensive solutions such as IT infrastructure, contact center, IT infrastructure, ERP, HR, Big Data, RPA, and wide variety of electronic transaction services, Phintraco Group is committed to support your digital transformation journey and strengthen your digital transformation to be successful.

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