4 Reasons Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure May be Worth Your Company Investment

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An IT leader is responsible for finding the right solutions to achieve greater efficiencies, easier IT management, better IT security, and cost savings for companies. Everything needs to be more responsive, secure and manageable. Therefore, what is the solution?

Did you know hyperconverged infrastructure? The implementation of hyperconverged infrastructure will give companies greater efficiency and cost savings. But, is it true that hyperconverged infrastructure bring companies so many advantages? As an IT leader, you must find more information about hyperconverged infrastructure and find answers on the question why hyperconverged infrastructure may be worth your company investment.

We will help you figure it out by explaining the four challenges hyperconverged infrastructures addresses to see if it is worth your investment. Here are the details:

1. Hyperconverged infrastructure helps IT teams to simplify IT infrastructure management

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “work smarter, not harder?” This is related to what hyperconverged can do for your business. It can help companies use their time and resources more efficiently.

Hyperconvergenced infrastructure helps IT teams to use an integrated system to get bird’s eye view into IT environment. With that complete visibility, IT teams are free to manage every part of IT infrastructure simply and seamlessly in one place, giving you more time to improve agility, focus on business strategy, and spend less on hardware requirements.

2. Reduce IT CapEx

Every company plan many strategies to successfully reduce their expenses, including IT investment.

Companies that use a legacy infrastructure costs expensive money to keep up. They need regular ongoing costs such as licensing, administration, upgrades, storage, and even expenses for support teams and IT specialists.

Hyperconverged infrastructure solves this challenge by streamlining your IT operations, so that you do not need a lot of support teams to manage different platforms, because you have a centralized management system. Hyperconverged infrastructure allows you to cut down IT management costs with a centralized management system. With hyperconverged infrastructure, no more separate and costly IT management!

3. Meeting the need to scale

A legacy IT infrastructure is not easy to scale. It is a challenge to predict your IT resource consumption during 3 to 5 years ahead, and when IT teams do, they run the risk of overprovisioning – when companies need to add more costs to manage IT infrastructure, and end up paying for more than what you need.

With hyperconverged infrastructure in place, you pay as you use, giving you the flexibility to adjust as your data needs change.

4. Faster disaster recovery

Key elements of hyperconvergenced infrastructure are their backup, recovery, data protection, data deduplication, and analytics capabilities to predict it all. Disaster recovery components will be managed from a single dashboard, and hyperconverged infrastructure monitors not only the on-premises storage but also cloud storage. With these capabilities, data backups can be done in minutes.

That is all the 4 reasons why hyperconverged infrastructure may be worth your company investment. If you are interested to implement hyperconverged infrastructure, you can reach us at marketing@phintraco.com

Phintraco Technology has team experts to help your company successfully implement hyperconverged infrastructures, including  assessment services. Our teams will help you to find the right solutions to your specific requirements and workloads.



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