5 Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

18 Jun 2020 Phintraco

5 Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate. All parts of organizations, including sales, marketing to HR and accounting gains many benefits because of the digitization process. Signatures are very important for business processes, nearly every aspect of business require signatures. Therefore, it is not surprising that this electronic signatures solution has become the “central” part of digital transformation, and its use has become an example of the digital embodiment. If you want to start adopt electronic signatures, you must first know what are the benefits of using electronic signatures.

Below are 5 benefits of using electronic signatures into your business operations:

  • Cost-effective

The use of eSignature software is the most affordable option when it comes to documenting intent. Not only do you save money on paper, but you also save on postage which can cost a large amount of money.

  • Environmentally friendly

Using eSignature means reducing the amount of paper you use, so you can help stop contributing to the massive amounts of waste produced by the paper industry. Do you know that around 400 million tons of paper and cardboard are produced every year? It is the main factor that causes environmental damage.

  • Better user experience

eSignatures help organizations get more organized. It eliminates the problems caused by conventional signatures that rely on mountains of documents where important information can easily be lost.

  • Secure

Electronic signatures also give you more secure experience, eSignatures guarantee more security level compared to conventional signatures. As we know that manual processes make people easier to sign someone else’s signatures, without permission. Doing forgery with the intent to defraud.

One of the unfortunate realities of the move to electronic signatures has become the increased opportunities for security breaches and hacking. But, do not worry, most official eSignature software comes equipped with a high level of security that helps keep your information safe. It’s even being used in banking industries to help protect sensitive financial information. Choose eSignature software with high level of security, so that it will protect your information and your client’s.

  • Efficient

It is no doubt that technology improves efficiency.  eSignatures harness this efficiency by allowing for remote signatures to be completed in just a few seconds.

After knowing the 5 benefits of using electronic signature into your business operations, are you interested in using it?

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