5 Ways VMware Enterprise PKS Optimize Kubernetes

05 Sep 2019 Phintraco

5 Ways VMware Enterprise PKS Optimize Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source platform that automates container operations. All applications now use container technology to improve scalability, portability and maximum performance. Kubernetes is able to eliminate manual processes related to deployment process and scaling of containerized applications. With Kubernetes, you can classify clusters that run containers, and Kubernetes will help you simplify the clustering process. Your clusters are able to be hosted in public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid. According to the definition of Kubernetes and its functions, Kubernetes is known as an ideal platform for hosting cloud-native applications.

After discussing about Kubernetes, now it is time to understand about VMware Enterprise PKS. What is VMware Enterprise PKS? And how does VMware Enterprise PKS simplify the functions of a company’s Kubernetes?

VMware PKS supports company that wants to simplify the deployment process and Kubernetes operation in cloud-native application. VMware PKS helps Kubernetes to run well as its function including the integration of VMware NSX-T, which is useful for increasing network security and improving the cycle of Kubernetes cluster management effectively.

VMware Enterprise PKS expands software-defined data centers to public cloud, so that you can develop, deploy, secure, and manage applications effectively in accordance with their functions. By using VMware Enterprise PKS, you can determine the best platform for your application.

How does VMware Enterprise VFD Optimize the function of Kubernetes and make it more efficient? Let us look at these 5  points:

  1. Reducing the complexity of Enterprise Kubernetes

VMware PKS is specifically designed for Enterprise Kubernetes. You will get insight and reduce complexity in determining the right place for your business application. Whether it should be on premises, cloud, or both.

  1. You are able to run VMware Enterprise PKS on Public Cloud or On-Premise

VMware PKS simplifies operation team by offering flexibility to operate Kubernetes across your  infrastructure and public cloud. VMware PKS unifies virtualization and container infrastructure regardless of where your workloads live.

  1. VMware PKS has been integrated with VMware NSX-T

Overcome problem in the network is a key for Kubernetes deployment. That is why VMware NSX-T has been integrated in VMware PKS. VMware NSX-T within VMware PKS provides advanced container networking and security features for Kubernetes clusters, such as micro-segmentation, and load balancing.

  1. You will always have access for operating the latest features of Kubernetes

With VMware PKS, your company’s developers will have access to all the latest features of Kubernetes to build and deliver containerized applications within cloud-native architecture.

  1. A lot of features are added up to optimize container experience

All features in VMware PKS will optimize container experience. With VMware PKS, the features will be upgraded automatically on Kubernetes. You will get auto-scaling, high availability, health checks and self healing features.

VMware Enterprise PKS features are very useful for optimizing the functions of Enterprise Kubernetes, so that the consistency of business performance in complex environments can run efficiently and give additional value to your business.

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