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Timing and Synchronization: Playing an Important Role in the Smooth Running of Electronic Transactions

Timing and Synchronization: Playing an Important Role in the Smooth Running of Electronic Transactions

In the electronic transaction system, it is necessary to synchronize the times of all parties. This is necessary to prevent losses resulting from time misalignment. In addition, time can be used as evidence to trace events in violation and fraud involving electronic systems transactions. To guarantee time alignment on all devices, it is not possible to rely on the device's clock, as each device is controlled by a battery and clock calendar that can produce a maximum deviation of 1 second per day. However, this issue can be resolved through Timing and Synchronization.

Timing and Synchronization

Timing and synchronization is a technological solution designed to make it easier to synchronize time on a networked computer or device. In modern computer network systems involving multiple devices, time synchronization is essential for supporting planning, management, and even security. Therefore, financial exchanges, industrial networks, and other communication systems that require precise time parameters to ensure data accuracy, process execution, and security must employ time synchronization.

Timing and Synchronization's Roles in Electronic Transactions

This becomes crucial in many kinds of electronic transactions involving time synchronization. Due to many electronic devices, using accurate or equal time is imperative. As a result of time misalignment, numerous opportunities are lost. Losses incurred during electronic transactions and late banking clearing deposits are a mere fraction of the consequences of time misalignment. Therefore, monitoring the significance of time synchronization on electronic devices is necessary to ensure electronic transactions' security. Time synchronization is the solution to these issues. This solution enables the synchronization of time with common devices precisely. In addition, timing and synchronization are utilized to facilitate management and oversight. Phintraco Technology can maximize its application if you entrust it to them. Phitraco Group's IT Infrastructure subsidiary has provided the most effective time synchronization solution to simplify your company's management and oversight of electronic devices.   Contact us at for additional details on the Timing and Synchronization Solutions.   Reference:   Related article: Practical Benefits That Electronic Signatures Offer for Business   Baca juga: Tanda Tangan Elektronik dan Tanda Tangan Digital: Apa Perbedaannya?

Virtualization: A Technology that Brings Many Benefits

Virtualization: A Technology that Brings Many Benefits

The demand for hardware, such as servers, will rise in tandem with the advancement of information and communication technology. However, the multiple servers will complicate IT management and maintenance for the company. Furthermore, high costs for the acquisition and provision of premises will be incurred. This can occur when a new information system or application requires a new server and additional storage. As a result, a solution to the problem is required, specifically hardware or minimal hardware that can provide optimal service to increase effectiveness and efficiency while working within existing constraints, such as budget constraints. The use of virtualization technology is one solution to this problem.

What is the Virtualization?

Virtualization technology is now an alternative solution to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, virtualization technology aids the company's IT management in its maintenance. Virtualization simulates hardware, operating systems, networks, and other components. Virtualization is used in information technology to improve the scalability of existing hardware. Multiple operating systems can run on a single computer simultaneously, thanks to virtualization. This has the potential to reduce the company's expenses significantly. Virtualization technology will be widely used in the future by companies engaged in information technology and those not solely engaged in information technology but use it to advance their business.

Benefits of Virtualization for Enterprise

Virtualization is a technology that provides numerous benefits in a variety of industries. The following are some of the benefits of such virtualization:
  1. Operating cost savings
Virtualization can help enterprises optimise their technology by utilizing fewer physical servers and storage devices. This can lower the costs of power, cooling, maintenance, and space. In addition, virtualization significantly impacts operational costs, allowing companies to redirect their resources to other opportunities.
  1. Reducing or eliminating downlines
Virtualization enables the operation of multiple virtual machines at the same time. As a result, virtualization can greatly increase productivity by allowing users to continue working even if their operating system or application crashes.
  1. Improving IT employee productivity
Virtualization significantly reduces the workload of IT staff. For example, such staff may be responsible for server deployment, maintenance, and other technical tasks. However, virtualization technology allows them to complete those tasks in minutes.
  1. Faster server provisioning and deployment
Virtualization allows for rapid provisioning and deployment of systems. For example, after provisioning a virtual server, you can clone it to create another system without spending additional money on a new physical server. Not to mention that when you buy a new server, we must also perform network wiring, server rack placement, and long and complex server installations.
  1. Provides flexibility in disaster recovery
One of the most significant benefits of virtualization is the ability to quickly and securely move virtual machines from one physical server to another. Because data backup must be done quickly, regularly, and effectively, most virtualization platforms include failover automation features. This feature enables you to simulate disasters so that we can easily prevent and manage your server. Virtualization is becoming an appealing option for enterprises looking to improve their business intelligence with simpler operational systems, improve business continuity, and reduce risks. To reap the benefits of virtualization effectively, it is necessary to collaborate with the right vendor who can provide a comprehensive solution. Thus, your company can construct a strong and flexible virtual infrastructure. Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, is the ideal solution for your company's virtualization requirements. In addition to extensive collaboration with companies from various industries, Phintraco Technology has extensive experience as an IT Infrastructure company. Phintraco Technology can assist you in making your company more advanced for the next generation.   Please contact us at for additional information about virtualization.   Reference:,of%20scale%20and%20greater%20efficiency   Related article: 3 Main Focus Modernize Data Center in The Digital Age   Baca juga: Data Center Tradisional vs Data Center Modern: Apa Perbedaannya?

5 Types of Storage as Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

5 Types of Storage as Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

A company possesses a data set; the larger the company, the larger the data set. As company data grows exponentially, it must be stored on a storage medium to ensure its security. Storage is a medium used to store computer-processed data. The purpose of the storage is to temporarily or permanently store data. Large companies with large databases of customers, sales, products, and other data frequently utilize storage. There are several types of storage; here are five of the most common and widely used types:

1.      Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an online or digital file storage medium that requires an internet connection to access data. Cloud storage provides numerous advantages compared to offline storage media such as hard drives and flash drives. Thus, the data stored in this type of storage will be stored on multiple servers managed by the service provider, also known as hosting.

2.      Direct Attached Storage

Direct attached storage is a digital storage system directly connected to a server or workstation, bypassing the storage network. In other words, storage is physically connected to the server or computer. This storage is generally only accessible directly from the host to which it is directly attached. Direct-attached storage does not include network hardware and associated operating environments to facilitate independently sharing storage resources.

3.      Network Attached Storage

This type of storage option is commonly called a hybrid option. Typically, network-attached storage employs a dedicated server or a tool capable of serving array storage. This storage is typically shared with multiple clients simultaneously on all existing ethernet networks. Typically, this type of storage employs transfers for file upgrades. However, this storage typically has lower startup costs than this storage. Thus, this storage is also appropriate for use by small and medium-sized businesses.

4.      Storage Area Network

This type of storage is a very appropriate solution for medium-sized to large businesses. In addition to a disk controller, this storage requires a SAN Switch, HBA, fibre cable, and fibre cable. This storage's ability to share a storage server with multiple existing servers is one of its benefits. This will enable the configuration of the required storage capacity. Despite its superior performance, this storage area network is more expensive than the two servers described above. Furthermore, this type of storage is inherently more challenging to manage.

5.      Software Defined Storage

Software-defined storage is a marketing term for computer data storage software for hardware-independent, policy-based procurement and management of data storage. Software-defined generally includes storage for virtualization. Storage to separate the hardware from its managing software. This type of storage software that enables software-defined storage environments can also provide policy management for data deduplication, replication, thin provisioning, snapshots, and backups. These are the 5 types of storage that enterprises commonly utilize as a data storage medium. Consult with the team of experts at Phintraco Technology regarding your company's needs, and select the optimal solution. As a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group that specializes in its infrastructure, Phintraco Technology is competent to provide storage services that meet your company's capacity, performance, and durability requirements.   Contact us at to get complete information from experts regarding data storage solutions.   Related Article: 3 Main Focus Modernize Data Center in The Digital Age   Baca Juga: Infrastruktur Tradisional vs Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Apa Perbedaannya?

3 Main Focus Modernize Data Cent er in The Digital Age

3 Main Focus Modernize Data Cent er in The Digital Age

Technology modernization has become the most recent industrial and technological advancements trend in today's digital era. Data center modernization endeavors to modernize data centers to operate more effectively and efficiently digitally. The data center is known as the company's brain since it houses a large amount of essential data from corporations, organizations, and other agencies. Along with the growing number of industries modernizing their data centers, the modernization of data centers is becoming increasingly important.

The Main Focus in Modernize Data Center

Many businesses still use traditional infrastructure, in which server, storage, network, and virtualization operations are all managed separately or are not integrated. This can make developing data center information technology systems challenging and difficult to meet the expectations of today's fast-paced company. Nevertheless, it is unquestionably important to continue building the data center architecture and keeping up with the current industry and technological changes to achieve an agile and relevant business. Therefore, modernizing the data center is the primary basis for supporting business activities. Therefore, companies must apply three main focuses to modernize data centers:

1.      Modernize Infrastruktur

Traditional data center infrastructure can no longer keep up with today's business demands. Managing separate workers' systems for computing, storage, virtualization, and networking is too time-consuming and necessitates too much IT staff specialization. Modernizing IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of a highly effective and strategic organization to improve technology-based performance while lowering expenses. Companies want modern infrastructure that abstracts existing infrastructure into a unified platform capable of responding to changing business demands, supporting both old and new applications, and extending to the cloud.

2.      Automate IT

Indeed, repetitious employment plays an important function, and if it is not completed, the production process may be hampered. However, keep in mind that repetitious employment consumes time that may be better spent on more important tasks for the company. Therefore, companies may enhance operational operations and contribute to the bottom line by using IT automation. IT automation may also help companies minimize complexity and adapt to changing business demands more rapidly. In addition, many administrative system annoyances are eliminated through IT automation. Without IT automation, the task would keep repeating itself, stifling the company's development and innovation.

3.      Run Modern Apps

The company will gain from application modernization in cost savings, greater productivity, increased business agility, and increased security. By establishing a solid basis, the company can remain competitive and deliver value to its consumers. The purpose is to speed up innovation while still allowing for future applications.

Building a Solid Foundation: Modernize Data Center with Phintraco Technology

You may prevent things that are no longer efficient and the complexity of old obsolete technologies by updating your data center, allowing you to run a more agile business. Your company should have a strong foundation to build a more cutting-edge data center. Consult Phintraco Technology about Your company's data center system to acquire the finest modernized data center solution for your needs. Phintraco Technology or Phintech is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group specializing in IT Infrastructure. Don't hesitate to contact our team of specialists at to learn more about how Phintech helps many business sectors modernize company data centers. main focus modernize data center Reference:

Modernize Data Center: Assist the Company’s Development

Modernize Data Center: Assist the Company’s Development

All businesses want to stay competitive and expand to generate beneficial innovations. To achieve this, many values are upheld by companies, such as agile, flexibility, and innovation. This relates to IT operations' availability, performance, security, and efficiency. Data centers are no longer synonymous with the number of server racks required, clean server rooms, and the number of disks in use. Companies are oblivious to the fact that contemporary application advocates are also modern data centers. Therefore, businesses must modernize their data centers to assist them in becoming more developed. What is Modernize Data Center? Why is it important for companies to modernize data centers? Let's take a deeper look at the explanation.

What is Modernize Data Center?

The modernized data center is marked by such transformative technologies as virtualization, software-defined architecture, hyper-convergence, cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The essence of modernizing the data center is to make the company more innovative by making the data center an important element in keeping employees, partners, and consumers operating in a system. In addition, the use of hyper-convergence allows for a more efficient, adaptable, and scalable data center architecture. As a result, the company will generate leading-edge new innovations and make it more developed than ever before.

Why is Data Center Modernization Important?

As we know, technology advances at a rapid pace. For business development, the company must be prepared to keep up with technological advancements. One solution for companies to stay up with rapid technological advancements is modernizing data centers. Here are some of the factors that make a company crucial for data center modernization:
  1. Cloud-ready
Cloud is a technology trend that will become increasingly popular soon. However, if your company does not plan to use the cloud in its IT system, make sure your data center has been modernized so that cloud implementation is a breeze.
  1. More consistently running apps
Modernizing the data center will make your app run more consistently since it will use a more consistent operating model.
  1. Expanding already investments
Investing in IT often entails removing the old system and replacing it with a new one. Modernize Your data center will avoid the "rip-and-replace" risk because it uses the same management tools and follows the same operational paradigm throughout the modernization.
  1. Operational efficiently
A modernized data center can reduce the total cost of ownership (TOC) by more than 28% due to automated performance management, optimized capacity utilization, proactive planning, and the reduced average time for resolution (MTTR). Modern applications made by companies as well require a modern data center. That's the explanation for modernizing the data center and some crucial information for companies to know to modernize their data centers. If You want to modernize your data center, You may cooperate with Phintraco Technology. Phintraco Technology is a Phintraco Group company that specializes in IT infrastructure. The modernized data centers are one of the solutions offered by Phintraco Technology.   Contact us at to get more information about Modernize Data Center. Reference: