What is Application Performance Monitoring and Why is It Important for Companies?

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In today’s digital era, the role of an application is not just part of a business — in most cases, it has been evolving into company’s business. For customers, the quality of their experience in an application determine their decision in buying or choosing a product, because application is a platform for them to do all activities regarding interactions and transactions.

This application dependency creates new challenges for companies, it is because customers expect to have flawless experience in every interaction and transaction. That’s why if you want to maintain customer loyalty, then you need to meet those expectations by making sure that your applications have best performance at any time.

Fortunately, today’s technology is evolving as quickly as costumer expectations. Now companies can monitor their overall applications performance by using application performance monitoring solutions (APM).

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Its Functions

Phintraco technology are working together with Dynatrace to provide application performance monitoring solutions. By using APM solutions, companies can monitor whether their apps environment meets performance standards, and identify bugs or potential issues before end users are impacted.

Without the right APM solutions, IT teams would struggle to resolve potential problems that arise in an application. It means that there should be the real impact to the end users to know problems in an application. Indeed, the impact of applications that are unreliable, unavailable, or offer a poor user experience can cause brand damage, customer satisfaction and their digital experiences.

The right APM solutions will provide IT teams with the information they need to connect application performance – identify and fix performance issues before they impact the end users. Therefore, a company can always provide the best digital experience to its customers.

Phintraco Technology as a Dynatrace’s business partner has APM solutions that has been implemented in one of top banks in Indonesia.

With Dynatrace’s solutions, IT teams can monitor business applications and get complete information including the root cause, so that they can identify and fix the troubleshoot in fast and right ways.

The Key Features of Our Application Performance Monitoring and What Makes It Unique

1. Only need one agent to monitor complex ecosystem

Our APM solutions eliminates the complexity in monitoring applications, companies only need to install one agent to monitor all relevant metrics of your business applications. Unlike other APM solutions, our solutions is not only see each component, but it also understand how everything is connected – all the relationships and interdependencies. So that this APM solutions can monitor all metrics of applications in complex enterprise ecosystem.

2. Supported by AI to monitor application performance

Without any configuration, this solution is supported by AI to detect issues reliably, prioritize by magnitude, show the root cause and its real impact to the end users.

3. Automatic problem detection

Because our APM solution sees relationships and dependencies in real-time, it has the context it needs to tell IT teams not only what happened, but why it happened. It allows IT teams to go beyond correlation and give true causation to avoid the similar problems in the future.

4. Scalability

As business grows, company will generate more big data from customers interactions and transactions. With our APM solutions, a company does not need to add the capabilities from other APM solutions to meet business needs because our APM solution is engineered to easily scale to 100,000+ hosts.

As we have learned, application performance monitoring is a critical component needed to keep business applications performing at optimal levels. This is important because business applications are the storefront to a brand, and customer expectations are always increasing. In this case, companies have responsibilities to always provide best experiences to their customers.

If you want to have a complete overview of application performance monitoring solutions capabilities, do not hesitate to contact us at marketing@phintraco.com




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