How to Become an Industry Disruptor

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Disruptor is usually used in today’s digital era. Do you know what is Disruptor? Disruptor comes from the word disrupt, which means “disturbing”, “messing up”, “changing conditions”, “shaking” and so on.

The term disruptor is marked by the presence of a lot of new businesses with new solutions that may get rid of the old businesses. This kind of business is known as a startup or established company that is in the position of finding the right market for their business.

Startups are able to see an opportunity from problems that arise. They understand the problems and make a decision to find solution to solve their problem. The points are how we maintain the strategies to keep developing in a business, always positive and choose the opportunities wisely.

How about Digital Transformation? Why are a lot of companies competing to implement digital transformation? Digital transformation itself involves rapid change in business activities, process, competency, and model to strategically utilize digital technology and its great impact.

Why Digital Transformation Matters

  • Competitive advantage

Every organization needs to embrace digital transformation at particular level to be always competitive. It is done by the continuous delivery mindset and the process of collaborative development that enables faster and higher quality delivery and decision making.

  • Financial advantage

Software-driven companies are higher performing companies that use data to eliminate personal things from business decisions.

  • Strategic advantage

Organization builds confidence that team members are doing their job greatly, for the right customers and reasons at all times.    

  • Cultural advantage

A team in constant communication feels a sense of friendship, and it helps to reduce attrition.      

  • Operational efficiency

Modern process and technology help to reduce operational overhead, enable businesses to invest less in maintenance and more in innovation that supports rapid change and development.

  • Increased developer productivity

Productive developers are happy developers. Enterprises leverage Agile and Lean development that can decrease administrative jobs and increase delivery speed, fundamentally improving time-to-value.

  • Faster time to market

Monolithic development methods and tools restrict innovation by limiting release until one or two years. Teams continually use modern development approaches and release tools, and gain first-mover market advantages.

Pivotal and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation ensures that a business can respond to disruption quickly. The integrated cloud technology from Pivotal, together with the development of collaborative application and data analytics solutions, let organizations build and run next generation applications that deliver outstanding experiences.

Pivotal answers the needs of modern business innovation by building high-quality products at great speed with agile methodologies, delivering companies existence with a next-generation cloud-native platform and market insights with data science.

Here are some benefits that you will get by implementing digital transformation:

With digital transformation, you are able to:

  • Teams are able to increase speed of delivery and enable them to take risks. Without digital transformation, the development approaches are schedule-based and it requires teams to always follow the rules.
  • Using open-source software and open communities that support collaborative innovation.
  • Teams operationalize insights in real time through smart application. Traditionally, teams search business intelligence data to understand past behavior, then report on those trends.
  • Through agile data science, organizations continually using data to refine the processes and results, and improve applications. Traditionally, organizations improve applications based on what they thought customers wanted.
  • Teams will ensure that software is ready for release during the development at all times. Traditionally, software is only released at the end of the complete process.

So, are you ready to be a “disruptor” in your industry? Pivotal is ready to help you to be an industry disruptor by implementing a digital transformation.

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