Technology Solutions to Drive Business Efficiency in a Post Covid-19 World

29 May 2020 Phintraco

Technology Solutions to Drive Business Efficiency in a Post Covid-19 World

During the Covid-19 pandemic, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society productive while staying at home. This pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives like the way we work, learn, etc. We can say that technology solutions help us to drive business efficiency while preventing the spread of Covid-19.

According to one of *Moor & Insight Strategy Analysts, technologies may have a long-lasting impact beyond COVID-19. The use of new technology solutions in organizations will only continue to accelerate.

In the post Covid-19, we are going to be looking at different world. Organizations will be more ready to anticipate unpredictable occasions that might affect their business operations. According to Moor & Insight Strategy, there are several technologies that can drive business efficiency in a post Covid-19 world and help build a resilient organizations in facing pandemic or other unpredictable occasions. Here are the explanations:

  1. Hybrid and Multi-cloud

This Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate the need for organizations to adopt a Hybrid or Multi-cloud strategy. Employees, as well as customers are all over the place right now are doing their activities at home like working, making transactions, etc. To handle the obstacle of fluctuations in traffic that affects business productivity, organizations need the most flexible infrastructure to ensure the availability, continuity, scalability, and disaster recovery. By adopting a Hybrid or Multi-cloud strategy, if there is a breakdown on one cloud you can simply access your resources on a different one.

This link will take you to more articles about adopting a Hybrid or Multi-Cloud:

  1. Video Analytics or CCTV

In the effort to prevent any further spread of Covid-19, government and business owners could implement new strategy by utilizing advanced technology. The government and business owners may soon have the technology to not only perform facial recognition scans in public places, but also Thermal Sensor – Fever Screening, Mask Detection, and People Counting.  To know more information about these technology solutions, you can click this link

  1. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

VDI also stand to grow as a result of all of this. This pandemic makes organizations aware of the importance of having technologies to let their employees work anytime, anywhere on any device, and giving them virtual access to their entire desktop workspace.

VDI is a must have technology solutions for organizations in facing a post Covid-19 business world because VDI provides a desktop environment that can be accessed by each user anywhere, simple desktop management and operation, and increases security while reducing the risk of downtime and interrupted system. You can read other information about VDI by clicking this link:

Long term, Covid-19 will change the way we work and demonstrate the importance of digital readiness. Start your digital readiness with those 3 technology solutions that could allow businesses to continue as usual, as much as possible, and so much more that we could not predict. Also having a better infrastructure to support the digitized world in the latest technology will be essential for any business to remain competitive in a post Covid-19 world.

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*Moor Insights & Strategy is a global technology analyst and advisory firm with actual industry experience. The markets we address span the Internet of Things (IoT), client computing, cloud, the software-defined datacenter, artificial intelligence and semiconductors.