Why Business Growth Depends on IT Infrastructure?

18 Feb 2020 Phintraco

Why Business Growth Depends on IT Infrastructure?

To face global competition, businesses need to anticipate challenges and stay competitive, both now and in the future.  As a strategic consideration in determining the next business plan, it is important for business leaders to more focus on their IT infrastructure management as it plays vital role in the business growth these days.

“if it is not broken, don’t fix it”. Are you familiar with this statement? If you often hear this statement, even implement it to run your business, then you need to be careful because business growth depends on an effective IT infrastructure. It needs to be adjusted to your business development. Doing planned and periodic IT infrastructure maintenance should always be prepared to avoid simple or complex problems.

If you have the high-quality of IT infrastructure management, then you will get the optimal productivity and efficiency because it supports business growth and creates an accurate and reliable business decision to keep ahead of the competition. Therefore, allocating budgets for IT infrastructure solutions for your organizations should be managed wisely.

IT Infrastructure refers to the entire stack of underlying elements required to deliver technology to an end-user. This includes hardware, software, database, network, security, and IT management. The functions of IT infrastructure are to facilitate the operation of data storage, processing and data analysis, which in turn become the “weapon” for making fast and accurate business decisions.

Infrastructure may be centralized within a data center, or it may be decentralized and spread across several data centers that are controlled. It will reduce staffs but more effective result.

What are the benefits of optimizing your IT infrastructure?

  • IT infrastructure becomes a facility for reliable application and data management
  • We need IT infrastructure to access IT services quickly from applications like Core Systems (such as ERP) to Channel Systems (based on mobile, email), in order to facilitate business activities.
  • With IT infrastructure, the availability and management of your company’s digital internal data can be handled by the internal parties, so the level of data security will be better than data management that is managed by external parties.

To support the digital transformation process in Indonesia, Phintraco Technology comes with the best IT Infrastructure solutions.

Together with Dell Technologies, Phintraco Technology as a Titanium Partner of Dell Technologies (the highest partner levels of Dell Technologies) provides complete solutions for IT infrastructure such as Server, Converged Infrastructure, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Storage, Backup System, Networking, PC, Industrial PC, Laptop, and Rugged Laptop.

Phintraco Technology is also supported by certified and experienced IT experts, 24/7 customer response center, and latest technology portfolio.

Now, it is time to #TransformTheFuture of your business by implementing the best IT infrastructure management. Investing hardware, software, network services, and people who managed it is a must. To get a significant competitive advantage, the implementation of a strategic IT management is crucial. Ensuring the consistency of a reliable IT infrastructure is not easy, then you need the right business partner to make it happen.



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