Benefits of Using Call Recording Solutions for Contact Center

18 Jan 2021 Phintraco

Benefits of Using Call Recording Solutions for Contact Center

In contact center operations, there are numerous challenges for which companies must account in running a successful contact center operation. Reducing waiting times, improving the quality of customers interaction with agents, utilizing data to solve problems more quickly are essential requirements for a successful contact center that plays a key role for business growth.

Nowadays, technology comes as a solution for companies to optimize their contact center performance. One of important technology solution for contact center operations is call recoding solution. The use of call recording can create more “strategic” contact center operations for companies, because it can improve compliance, prevent agent mistakes that could ruin your company’s reputation, and other useful benefits.

What are the benefits of using call recording solution for a company’s contact center? Here are the points and its explanation.

1. Get better quality control to improve your service quality

By using call recording solution, contact center leaders can always supervise the interaction between agents and customers, then identify the key areas where the agent needs improvement. Then, the leaders can create a plan for the agents to increase their skills, so that the agents can always give the best and quality services for customers.

2. Improve customer satisfaction

Companies need to ensure that all agents are serving the services with required manner to meet customer satisfaction. Agents must have clear and good communication skill, implement call etiquette, treat the customer with respect, and provide relevant answers to all customer queries.

The only way companies will be able to check whether an agent has done all of the requirements is by having documentation of their interaction with customers. Besides, agents will also be more professional and consistent if they know that their interactions are being monitored by automated system.

3. Improve compliance

Regulations require all companies to be compliant about their business practices. Especially in the financial sector, they are required to record their interactions with customers. In this case, call recording solution will help companies to improve compliance and keep them from being prosecuted.

4. Make better decision with data

Along with managing interaction between agents and customers, call recording solutions also captures contextual data, providing a full view of all customers’ journey.

All interactions and digital data related to customers can be searched and replayed, then it can be shared throughout authorized parties within your companies. Then, it will provide insights into customer and agent behaviors to make data-driven decision making.

However, not all call recording solutions offer this capability. You must choose the right solution to get this capability from call recording solution you are using.

Choosing the right solution to get all benefits of using call recording

Phintraco Technology offers Verint’s call recording solution named Intelligent Call Recording that offers all those benefits for your companies! Unlike other call recording solutions, Verint’s Intelligent Call Recording is a solution that couples call recording with the power of speech processing, helping you realize more value from captured interactions that are useful for the future of your business strategy.

Verint’s Intelligent Call Recording offers these features:

  • Captures voice, video, and text interactions across multiple channels via a single recording system.
  • Provides a full enterprise recording and archiving solution to help enhance compliance and customer engagement.
  • Captures employee screen data without the need for deep programming or integration.
  • Integrates speech processing for automatic call disposition with faster, more accurate search, replay, and reporting by key call topic.

With Verint’s Intelligent Call Recording, you can capture all interactions across multiple channels and it will help you realize more value from a wealth of data to improve your business strategy. If contact center is one of major components of your business and you are not using call recording solution, then you have missed out on new opportunities to maximize your business practices.

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