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Celebrating 30th Anniversary, Phintraco Group Turns Challenges into New Opportunities to Innovate
18 Jul 2021 Phintraco

Celebrating 30th Anniversary, Phintraco Group Turns Challenges into New Opportunities to Innovate

18 July 2021 – Today, Phintraco Group turns 30. Throughout 30 years since its establishment, Phintraco Group has been growing rapidly to become one of leading group of companies in Indonesia, which consists of Phintraco Technology, PhinCon, Aplikas Servis Pesona, Relia Telemit Semesta, Vemisha and MitraComm Ekasarana that specialize in providing IT solutions and services, Phintraco Sekuritas that specializes in securities, and Shanata Pratama that specializes in property development.

Since 1991 until now, Phintraco Group is always committed to provide innovative solutions and services to help Indonesian companies survive and thrive in any condition through our solutions and services.

During the past years, especially in Indonesia, we see that companies accelerate digital transformation because technologies are able to help companies quickly adapt and survive amidst pandemic.

For Phintraco, emerging Covid-19 challenges do not stop us from turning challenges into new oportunities. Since the beginning of pandemic, it has been proven that there is a lot of other business sectors that try to adapt and survive in these ucertain times by having IT solutions and other business services to help them through this crisis with a more simple way.

Phintraco takes its role in helping business overcome the pandemic challenges by providing various IT solutions and services such as Modern IT Infrastructure, Contact Centers, Tokens, Smart Card Technology, IT Consulting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Middleware, Human Resources (HR), Big Data, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT Security, IT Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Electronic Transaction Services, and more. In addition to providing innovative IT solutions and services, Phintraco is also committed to developing the Indonesian capital market through one of its member companies, Phintraco Sekuritas. At present, Phintraco Sekuritas has 168 investment galleries across Indonesia.

Entering its 30s, Phintraco Group hopes to always contribute from various aspects to save Indonesian economy which has been affected by the pandemic. By turning challenges into new opportunities, Phintraco will continue to strive for the convenience, productivity and success of its valuable customers in all situations.

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