Contact Center Trends 2022: Utilizing Technology to Improve Contact Center Performance

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Customers are the most crucial element in the company’s business processes. Thus, many companies compete to provide maximum satisfaction for customers who use their products or services. Besides maintaining customers’ trust, this effort is also intended to gain more exposure and attract new potential customers. One of the main strategies to striving for a good customer experience is maximizing contact center performance by following current trends.

Contact Center Trends 2022

The current contact center trend in 2022 focuses on providing the best service by utilizing the latest technology. Here is the list of contact center trends for 2022, with technology utilization, that you should pay attention to.

The Use of Desktop Ease the Contact Center Agents’ Work

During the process, contact center employees not only become the face of your company, but they also have other significant roles as problem solvers, product managers, sales executives, consultants, and many more. They must work hard in carrying out these main roles, although sometimes they have to deal with complex problems that require patience, speed, and accuracy. One of the efforts to support the role of contact center agents is by providing a desktop. This desktop is a workspace that can be customized to quickly bring out various applications (CRM and third-party systems) solutions in only one panel. This convenience reduces switching to multiple screens. Hence, your employees can stay motivated and focused on providing the best possible customer experience.

Unified Communication

Currently, it is not only the contact center that has a role in providing the maximum customer experience, but all company employees must also take part. Your company must implement a customer-centered mindset and culture to support contact center employees and contribute to a customer experience that can enhance your company’s business development. One strategy to be used is by utilizing seamless cloud-based unified communications and contact center applications. These technologies will ease the contact center employees to connect the expert employees with customers for specific problems quickly. Another convenience is the ability to communicate with fellow employees via text, audio, video, and various files when dealing with customers or important projects with just one click.

Automation Using AI

Contact center agents usually have to deal with complicated and time-consuming things while providing services. At times like this, other technologies that can automate the system in the contact center are needed. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are implemented. By utilizing an AI-based virtual contact center agent, companies can respond to customers 24/7. This automation is still assisted by contact center employees if needed, with structured guidance provided by the system. Another technology that can be used is Conversational Intelligence which automatically provides solutions to various questions or problems that customers often face. With this automation technology, the contact center can work more optimally in an efficient time.

Implementation of Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication technology is one of the innovations used to expand the company’s business. The convenience offered by this technology has changed the way business processes work as a whole, including those related to customers. Customers are currently “demanding” to communicate with contact center agents that can be personalized through many channels. Therefore, omnichannel communication is very useful to meet customer needs. Omnichannel communication can bring out the service delivery standards they want. This innovation works by optimizing and focusing on customer interaction and contact center agents. With omnichannel communication, the experience that customers get will be smooth and consistently carried out on any communication channel.

Combination of AI in IVR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the drivers of current technological progress. AI can be used independently and can also be combined with other technologies to get maximum results. The emergence of AI technology has triggered another technological innovation called IVR. AI pioneered the use of speech recognition in IVR. This innovation makes it easier for the contact center to direct the customers (callers) to related employees or departments. Thus, customers will get the assistance to solve their problems quickly and precisely. In addition, IVR systems with AI can pull relevant information or data to personalize customer experience needs.


Keeping up and implementing contact center trends is one of the company’s efforts to maintain customer performance and trust. Due to technological advancement, existing trends can help companies grow significantly. Phintraco Technology, part of the Phintraco Group, is ready to support your company to transform and keep up with the pace of trends development, especially in the implementation of contact centers with the latest technology.


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