Contact Center Trends and Key Strategies for 2021

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Nowadays, having a good contact center operations is not only an option, but it is a must. Along with technological advancement in business operations, contact center holds a key role for business reputation and development. Contact center becomes the main connector between companies or brands to interact with their customers, so it is no wonder that if you want to build a successful business, then you need to have good contact center operations.

It is important for organizations to keep up to date with the latest contact center trends in order to provide the best services to their customers. Especially in times of crisis, contact centers become a key role in maintaining relationships with customers.

To provide new insights for all contact center practitioners to build a better contact center operations in the future, we have summarized the prediction about contact center trends and key strategies for 2021. Here are the contact center trends and key strategies for 2021 to build better and flexible contact center operations:

#1 Contact Center Trends and Key Strategies for 2021: Offer flexible work arrangements for agents

If we want to have a reliable contact center operations, we need to learn from the pandemic situations throughout 2020 which require organizations to reduce the capacity of their employees within one space. In 2021, one of the strategies to build a better contact center operations is offering flexible work arrangements for agents. Those who were not flexible enough to adjust will face agent shortages and operational challenges.

This means that organizations need to have good infrastructure that enables their agents to stay in touch with their customers, even when they cannot work from office. Organizations need to utilize the use of technology to help agents and employees stay productive while working from home. Use a hybrid model of work to maximize diversification in skills, resources, and locations. This flexibility will be needed to deploy agents for various volumes and support needs.

#2 Contact Center Trends and Key Strategies for 2021: Focus on digital first

Utilizing AI and cloud-based systems will be needed for the contact center operations in the future. Focus on “digital first” strategy will help organizations to maintain relationships with customers in times of crisis.

The ability for AI to analyze caller sentiment and provide relevant, real-time, suggestions to agents enabled them to deliver immediate results backed with human empathy and personalized services.

Make automation, AI, and cloud-based systems as main solutions for your reliable and quality contact center. A combination of agents and technology will give you a more effective and efficient contact center operations.

#3 Contact Center Trends and Key Strategies for 2021: Expand the use of customer self-service technology

Nowadays, almost all customers use their smartphone to find information about a brand. The number of online transactions in 2020 is also increasing rapidly because customers prefer to avoid physical contact when buying their necessities and needs.

It means that having a massive effort to support customers needs and providing a seamless experience to meet or even exceed customer expectation are needed. To make it happen, organizations can take advantage of customer self-service technology such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), online FAQ, and Chatbot.

Those solutions freed up agents for invaluable work that required more attention, thoughtfulness and empathy. These advancements also will be useful for providing customers with relevant information quickly.

Take these contact center trends and key strategies predictions as your references to build contact center strategy in the future

In the new year ahead, organizations can have a good quality and reliable contact center by combining People, Processes and Technology within its operations. To implement those aspects properly, organizations need a partner that is able to provide customized contact center solutions for their business needs. There is no one-solution-fits-all, so that every organization needs professional partners to help them implement expected and reliable contact center operations.

As a contact center solutions provider, Phintraco Technology and MitraComm Ekasarana understand the conditions, developments and challenges in contact centers. We are committed to provide solutions and services for contact centers by ensuring that all solutions and services provided are always up to date with technological developments, and meet customers growing needs and expectations.

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