Customer Experience Trends for 2020

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In today’s digital era, achieving positive customer experience is crucial. Many companies are competing  at delivering positive customer experience by utilizing technological development. In 2020, transforming customer experience trends will be fully supported by technology.

As we move into the new year, Phintraco Group has summarized the customer experience trends in 2020. What can we do to make better #customerexperience for the future?

  1. Technology will replace some human roles in customer service departments

According to Salesforce research, in 2019, 23% of companies in the world used chatbots to provide information services to their customers, and it will continually increase until 53% in 2020. Chatbots will be the most reliable technology for the future of customer service, and AI powered chatbot is able to create better #customerexperience.

  1. Outdated technology, processes or communications are killing customer satisfaction

As a customer, communication process really matters. The complicated process will make customers move to other companies.  To create easy interaction between your business and customers, you need to use the latest technology that is able to build seamless experience.

  1. Employee experience is the new customer experience

The quality of employee experience impacts customer experience in the future. Employee experience is the process of employee journey to encounter, observe or feel over the course at an organization to build better levels of engagement, enthusiasm, and involvement.

If companies want better and positive customer experience to increase sales volume, therefore, building a better employee experience is a must. With better and positive employee experience, your staff will provide the best service and meet every customer needs properly. So, great employee experience inevitably leads to great customer experience. For this reason, invest in technology that supports better employee experience will also improve customer experience effectively.

Utilizing the best technology to improve customer experience is important because the internet has created the evolution of customer behavior in this digital age.

After understanding the customer experience trends for 2020, It’s no secret that technology is changing the nature of relationships between brands and consumers. Phintraco Group is committed to help your company get better customer experience by providing the-best-in-class customer experience solutions.

Let us get deeper understanding about how technology is shaping the future of customer experience with our professional team!

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