Customer Experience Trends in 2021

01 Dec 2020 Phintraco

Customer Experience Trends in 2021

Customer experience is a key success factor that determines customer satisfaction rate and brand loyalty. It is the only factor that leaves a positive lasting impact on the customer’s mind. Companies that prioritize the quality of their customer experience will have more loyal customers than companies that aren’t. Therefore, every company need to keep up with the latest strategy and technology to support customer experience trends and stay connected and engaged with customers.

2020 brings a number of big changes to the business world and also influences the right strategy to deliver the best customer experience. As we move towards a new year, your business success will depend on your ability to deliver a superior customer experience that meet customer expectations as they evolve. What are the right strategies and technologies that will influence customer experience trends in 2021? Here are the predictions!

1. Customer experience trends: Deliver a superior customer experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is no doubt that AI is transforming the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. That is why AI is one of the best technology to deliver a superior customer experience. Two major solutions in AI that will grow customer experience trends in 2021 are chatbots and virtual assistants.

Chatbot and Virtual Assistant enables brands to be available for their customers at every stage of their journeys, anytime. Leveraging AI can help businesses better understand customers and deliver better experience, which in turn will result in higher conversions.

At present, one of organizations’ biggest challenges is handling customer interactions in multiple channels. To handle this challenge, organizations can implement AI to handle low-level issues in real time, and gather information for human agents before intervention is needed. Therefore, organizations can deliver quick services based on customers’ needs.

Customer experience is a key factor that determines brand success, then AI is a great solution to ensure customers feel their time is valued and stay loyal.

However, it is important to know that AI is not being used to replace the role of human agents completely. AI will streamline customer experience while giving human agents a more important, contextual, and personalized services.

2. Customer experience trends: Leveraging data

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the power of data in driving business outcomes. It is predicted that data will also hold an important role for improving customer experience.

A business will gain better customer insights if they are able to gather transactional customer data, analyzing customer preferences and behavior, also segmenting the unique data or personas.

How are businesses using all this data to enhance customer experience? By providing real-time feedback, predicting customer needs, and identifying which customers that are dissatisfied. As a result, agents can satisfy customers and prevent problems from arising.

This trend is predicted will continue into 2021 and beyond, as organizations continue collecting data to build an omni-touch in real-time that allows customers to feel heard and understood.

3. Customer experience trends: More businesses will implement an omnichannel strategy

The presence of multiple social media channels make customer experience more complex. Especially, the pandemic seems like forcing businesses to operate completely online. Many businesses are still adapting to new strategies of providing digital service, as well as enhancing their customer experience meet customer expectations in a digital space.

Customers need consistent and personalized experiences as they interact with brands, regardless of the channels used. For example, if they start interacting with a brand on Instagram and continue the interactions through e-mail, brands need to provide a seamless and integrated experience because they will expect it. Whether a customer is interacting with a brand through phone, e-mail, live chat, social media, as well as offline, an integrated customer experience is a must.

As we move towards 2021, businesses need to focus on providing omnichannel customer experience to improve sales and brand equity. Implementing an omnichannel strategy for better customer experience is the right solution.

To know further information about the importance of implementing omnichannel strategy for better customer experience, you can read this article:

Now you know the strategies and technologies that influence customer experience trends in 2021. Make sure that you know your customer service preferences, and personalize every interaction to deliver a superior customer experience consistently and be the first choice for customers!

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