Digital Transformation Trends in 2021

15 Dec 2020 Phintraco

Digital Transformation Trends in 2021

In the past six months, the pandemic forced businesses to digitally transform. Many companies are shifting their digital transformation programs during pandemic into high gear and have already accomplished in a few months what would normally have taken years.

According to Forbes, AI and data analytics dominated digital transformation trends in 2020. Will those two technologies continue to dominate the trends in 2021? Or will we see new emerging technologies take the lead? Now let us find out the answer! We have summarized Forbes’ predictions for digital transformation trends in 2021, here are the predictions:

1. Digital transformation trends in 2021: Hybrid cloud will become more popular

In the past few years, many companies are increasingly moving toward a hybrid cloud infrastructure. From SaaS applications, on-premise solutions to a combination of public and private clouds, hybrid cloud strategies help companies to achieve the goals of their cloud infrastructure needs.

Hybrid cloud is predicted to be one of the most popular digital transformation trends in the years ahead, because hybrid cloud helps companies to improve their performance in facing unforeseen challenges from some aspects by offering flexibility.

2. Digital transformation trends in 2021: Businesses are taking cyber security more seriously

Cyber security issues within companies have increased along with the rapid worldwide spread of the Covid-19. It is reported that there has been a 238% rise in cyber attacks on banking industry, and a 600% increase on cloud services during 3 months.

Because of those issues, many companies will be taken cyber security issues more seriously and implement more IT security solutions in 2021. The amount of employees that are working remotely will also be one of major reasons why companies will strengthen their network security and cyber security strategies in all environments.

3. Digital transformation trends in 2021: Rapid adoption of technology to help employees work from home

Currently, work from the office has been allowed for some employees. Nevertheless, work flexibility will remain a top priority for employees to maintain business performance and employee productivity. These conditions will be an accelerator for rapid adoption of technology to help employees work from home or work from anywhere.

In 2021, it is predicted that technology for supporting remote workers such as video conferences, virtual desktop, SD-WAN, and other related solutions that are customized to the needs of each business will take the lead.

4. Digital transformation trends in 2021: AI will continue to dominate digital transformation trends

There is a question in the beginning of this article, will AI and data analytics continue to dominate the trends in 2021? The answer is AI will continue to dominate digital transformation trends in 2021 and the years ahead.

The coronavirus pandemic triggered an acceleration in the democratization of AI in companies, because it offers capabilities for companies to overcome business challenges and adapt to the current situation.

In addition to business needs, the proliferation of AI will also impact our daily lives. However, AI will continue to require monitoring to make sure we use it for positive purposes.

A massive digital transformation is expected to help companies grow and adapt to change and uncertainty. In response to uncertain and unforeseen challenges, companies should be smart enough to choose supporting technologies that can truly offer long-term benefits.

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