Electronic Signature and Digital Signature: What’s the Difference?

01 Mar 2022 Phintraco

Electronic Signature and Digital Signature: What’s the Difference?

Technology is developing rapidly. We hear more technological terms but do not understand their actual meaning. Yet, many people are still getting wrong in using those technological terms. One example is the term electronic signature. People usually use the term electronic signatures as digital signatures. Those terms have very different meanings. What makes an electronic signature different from a digital signature? Let us discover their difference here.

Electronic Signature vs Digital Signature

Functionally, electronic signatures and digital signatures are distinctly different. An electronic signature is a sign of authenticity when someone makes a transaction electronically. Meanwhile, a digital signature is a complementary encryption technology for electronic signatures containing important metadata. An electronic signature technology solution has several advantages; one of them is encryption technology. Therefore, the digital signature is part of the electronic signature and cannot be separated. An electronic signature is a legally binding record, while a digital signature is a fundamental technology that helps verify the authenticity of that transaction or document.

Usage Examples

Electronic signatures and digital signatures have different functions, so the information obtained is also different. An electronic signature contains information about a person who signed an electronic document and the document’s contents. Then, the digital signature secures sensitive data, protects against tampering, and contains other important background information that supports the electronic signature. In conclusion, electronic signatures make it easier for users to sign agreements and complete transactions, while digital signatures provide a layer of security and authenticity to electronic signatures. You should ensure that there is a digital signature feature to guarantee the data protection you need when you use an electronic signature.

Functions Are Being Combined Into Complete Features

Combining digital signature features with electronic signatures is a leading technology solution. It records agreements and ensures that the source files that keep the records are safe, secure, and verifiable. Users will feel safe and comfortable signing documents because of this convenience and protected identity guarantee. Hence, switching to electronic signatures with digital signature security technology is the right strategy for companies.


Those are the difference between electronic and digital signatures. Ensure your company has good security on the electronic signature platform used to fulfil the compliance and ensure customer safety when using electronic signatures. If your company has not used electronic signatures, you can work with Phintraco Technology to implement them and get the best service. Phintraco Technology is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group engaged in IT Infrastructure. One of the solutions offered by Phintraco technology is an electronic signature solution.


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