Empowering Remote Employees to be More Productive

21 Apr 2020 Phintraco

Empowering Remote Employees to be More Productive

As the impact of COVID-19 spreads, many organizations must implement work from home experiment for their employees. Remote work was very rare a decade ago, and working from home was usually only available as a special arrangement in specific cases. But, as the impact of COVID-19 spreads, empowering remote employees to be more productive is the only way to help keep employees and customers safe.

To determine the effectiveness of working remotely, Phintraco Technology and Dell Technologies provide solutions that you can rely on in empowering your remote employees to be more wherever they are.

Since remote employees are a new concept to most organizations, here are our portfolio of solutions designed to empower remote employees to be more productive no matter where they are:

  • Unified Workspace

Unified Workspace is the industry’s most comprehensive solution to deploy, secure, manage and support your devices from the cloud. It was designed with intelligence and automation to empower you with visibility across the entire endpoint environment, help to eliminate non-value add work, and provide ready-to-work experiences for end users.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With virtual infrastructure, you can work anytime, anywhere on any device. By implementing virtual infrastructure, organizations can enable remote workers to be more productive and secure while streamlining IT costs and management.

  • SD-WAN Solution

Phintraco Technology provides SD-WAN solution for organizations to transform their network for the Cloud era. SD-WAN provides transformational benefits, enabling organizations and their branches to adapt to change and improve productivity, all while saving time and money. The agility of SD-WAN solution makes it quick and easy to expand business network connectivity with little complexity.

  • Dell Technologies On Demand

Dell Technologies On Demand is a solution to get more choice, flexibility and predictability in how you consume IT infrastructure. In your quest to digital transformation, you need the right technology solutions. Technologies On Demand delivers on-premises infrastructure with an ideal selection of flexible financial solutions and essential services, and it is designed for today’s on-demand economy.

Working remotely or working from home may be a difficult transition at first, but understanding what solutions best for your organizations can make it much more manageable. Phintraco Technology professionals are here to help you know the best proven practices for your organizations in empowering remote employees to be more productive.

As a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner, Phintraco Technology will always be prioritized to get the best service from Dell Technologies and also supported by certified and experienced IT experts, 24/7 customer response center, and latest technology portfolio.



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