Ensuring Business Continuity in Unprecedented Times with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

15 Apr 2021 Phintraco

Ensuring Business Continuity in Unprecedented Times with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

For most companies, building remote work environment could bring new challenges. Why is that so? It happens because there are many aspects that we need to consider when implementing remote work for employees – such as deciding the right strategy in order to make all employees stay productive even they have to work with minimum facilities and supervision, while ensuring all employees have full accessibility on their tools, devices, and other business apps.

To help companies overcome the remote work challenges, Phintraco Technology as an official business partner of VMware comes with solutions to ensure business continuity in unprecedented times. Ensuring business continuity with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the right answer.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI is a technology that uses virtual machines to provide and manage virtual desktops. In VDI’s implementation, VDI is operated within virtual machines on data centers or server-based computing.

In VDI, it has a hypervisor that will group servers into virtual machines that can be used by users to access their desktop virtually from any device – whether it is on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, users can access it at any locations with the same experience.

Furthermore, all processing is done on the host server and users will be connected to their virtual desktop through a connection broker, which is a software-based gateway that acts as an intermediary between the user and the server.

The Benefits of Implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Companies

As we have mentioned earlier, VDI is the right solutions for companies to ensuring business continuity in unprecedented times because it provides flexibility for its users to work from anywhere, with any devices – while having full visibility on their devices, tools, all other business apps.

Specifically, these following points are the core benefits of implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for companies:

·  Remote access: VDI’s users can connect to their virtual desktops from any locations or devices, making it easier for them to access all their files and applications regardless of their locations or devices.

·  Cost savings: Since processing is done on the server, there is no additional hardware required. Users can access their virtual desktops from older devices, no need to purchase new and expensive hardware.

·  Better security: By using VDI, data is saved on the server rather than on user’s device. It can protect data from unexpected circumstances such as if a user’s device is stolen or compromised.

·  Centralized management: By using VDI, it allows IT teams to easily update or configure all employees’ virtual desktops in a centralized system.

The Features of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

1. VDI and Published Apps

In this feature, employees can get easy access to all business apps with one device. The use of VDI allows employees to improve work productivity and efficiency since they only need a single place to operate all business apps, including Win32 and legacy Windows desktops.

2. Device-Aware Access Management

This feature ensures only authorized users and devices that have access to critical business apps. Moreover, this feature can track device status, user details, and give the right authentication to determine the risk and access management.

3. Intelligent Insights and Automation

Through this feature, companies can get integrated information related to entire digital workspace environment – which aggregates and correlates devices, apps and user data to identify new opportunities. It also offers a number of advantages such as reduce IT costs, improve security, and optimize employee and customer experiences.

4.  Advanced End-to-End Monitoring

Our VDI solution is powered by real-time monitoring feature to monitor all app’s metrics within a complex environment. Through this feature, IT teams will get full information if there are any errors in an employee’s desktop, so that the troubleshoot can be done quickly to give a better user experience.

5.  Flexible deployment

As well as superior features, VDI solutions also offers flexible deployment options – on premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment, choose what suits you best.

That is all the information about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which helps companies to ensure business continuity in unprecedented times. With VDI, companies can ensure that all employees have full accessibility on their business applications regardless of their locations or devices, by still implementing IT security controls managed by one centralized system.

If you are interested in finding further information about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you can reach us at marketing@phintraco.com

Phintraco Technology is committed to support Indonesian companies to enhance and accelerate their digital transformation journey by providing a flexible IT infrastructures in order to make companies more agile, simplified business operations, and reach their ultimate goals – which is to easily adapt and accelerate to the unforeseen situation.








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