Everything You Need to Know About SD-WAN

19 Apr 2022 Phintraco

Everything You Need to Know About SD-WAN

Nowadays, many companies want to transform their system into cloud-based systems because technological developments make cloud systems more reliable and secure for companies. Migration of traditional technology to cloud-based systems requires appropriate tools since conventional technologies used for cloud systems will cost more. While the cloud always offers flexible use at an affordable cost. If your company is considering moving or having a cloud-based system, it is time to use SD-WAN technology. What is SD-WAN technology? And what benefits do the company get? Let us see the explanation below.

An Overview of the SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN is a software-based technology application capable of virtualizing WAN connections. This solution separates software network services from hardware to create a virtual-based network. This model allows users to connect with applications anywhere. SD-WAN offers flexibility, simplicity, performance, security, and cloud systems. This technology also facilitates installation, centralized management and control, and guaranteed application performance. Since many companies are moving to cloud networks, this solution is the right solution for cloud-based systems.

Why Is It Important to Use SD-WAN?

Traditional technology is limited by bandwidth. Hence, the communication between branch offices and access to applications and data stored in the data center will need higher costs. Even though the internet can reach applications that use cloud systems, backhaul to the data center becomes inefficient if using traditional technology. Therefore, the company needs a proper method that allows all branches in different locations to work optimally and efficiently. The company needs fast access to any location in the network, applications and data located in data centers, and all cloud applications via the internet.

Is SD-WAN the Same as SDN?

No. SDN is not the same as SD-WAN. SDN or Software-defined networking is an IT architecture, while SD-WAN is a technology that can be added and built into the IT architecture concept of SDN. This solution will separate management, control teams, and data more scalable and reliable. SD-WAN also prevents “domino” failures (one problem causes another). Since this cloud-based management solution can be accessed anywhere, on any device, SD-WAN will facilitate the WFH or WFA system currently applied in many large companies.

Benefits of Using SD-WAN

An SD-WAN solution modernizes networks and provides the WANs needed for current cloud systems. Businesses with many branches in any location are suitable for implementing SD-WAN because it provides quality service to keep business applications functioning properly while sharing bandwidth with video streaming, social media, and other activities. Other benefits if companies use SD-WAN include:

1.      More sophisticated and agile

Tools and software are in an all-in-one solution. This convenience will save more time and costs the company needs. Besides, SD-WAN implementation in all branches also can be done quickly.

2.      Better performance and efficiency

Application performance will be improved with software-defined features and cloud-based management. This improvement will make your company more efficient by reducing up to 75% of WAN costs.

3.      Complete and reliable service

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