Facilitating and Securing Digital Transformation Process in Business

24 Jul 2019 Phintraco

Facilitating and Securing Digital Transformation Process in Business

It cannot be denied that the presence of smartphones in today’s digital era becomes the most important thing in our life, it is because smartphones simplify and make everything practical. Unconsciously, in the world of business, smartphone is also one of the important “tools” for digital transformation strategy.

In implementing digital transformation, companies face various obstacles in their transformation journey. One of them is the case of security that must be controlled by companies’ IT team. It becomes a concern for every entrepreneurs, especially those in financial industry.

In today’s digital transformation, companies that are in financial industry need a solution that enable them to migrate from the use of hardware token to software token that is easy to use. If it can be realized, it will certainly facilitate customers in the authentication process and will have a significant impact on increasing profits.

As technology continues to advance in supporting digital transformations, OneSpan utilizes it by creating the right solution to replace hardware token, which has become the impractical tool for authentication.

OneSpan presents a new innovation for financial industry that wants to migrate from hardware token. It is Mobile Security Suite, a solution that offers sophisticated integration between mobile authentication, application security and electronic e-signatures.

OneSpan Mobile Security Suite has several excellent features. Let’s look at its excellent features:

  • Mobile Authentication

Mobile Security Suite combines several authentication methods in mobile applications, including the latest method in biometric authentication

  • Application Security

Mobile security suite is able to prevent increasing mobile threats to protect your institutions, applications and users.

  • E-Signature

Speed up and simplify customer journey by allowing customers to sign documents using their smartphone.

  • Customer experience

Optimize customer experience with guaranteed application security and authentication methods that are easy, accurate and real-time through smartphone.

In brief, OneSpan Mobile Security Suite allows you to implement various authentication methods, easy and safe to use for multiple users in one application, multi-channel authentication via smartphone, online and offline activation options, and its best advantages are practical and can be used every time on your smartphone.

OneSpan Mobile Security Suite consolidates and automates a number of services to minimize complexity in business development efforts by combining several authentication methods using only smartphone, and guaranteed security into one mobile application. The ease and practical methods offered by OneSpan provide many advantages for business continuity.



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