Is It Important to Implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Your Business?

22 Apr 2021 Phintraco

Is It Important to Implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Your Business?

Generally, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that makes all desktop environment such as files, folders, tools, widgets, and applications are stored remotely on a server rather than on an end user’s device. VDI has a software called hypervisor to separate the desktop operating systems, applications and user’s data from the hardware, then moving and storing all desktop environment on a remote server.

By using VDI, users can access their personal desktop and all the data contained at any time, regardless of the locations, times, or devices, as long as they have stable internet connection.

Understanding the meaning and functions of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure does not help us decide whether it is important to implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or the backward. In order to conclude how important it is to implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, let’s take a look at some key benefits of implementing VDI for companies.

1. Improving Cost Efficiency

The first benefits of implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is improving cost efficiency. It is obvious that implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can reduce the cost for buying new expensive hardware that has a lifespan.

2. Simplifying IT management in organizations

By using VDI, all IT management can be located in one centralized system. For example, if new versions of applications come out, IT administrator can update the apps on all employees’ device at once. Also, if problems occur on the system, IT administrator can identify and fix the bugs or issues before end users are impacted. Then, it makes companies easy to minimize the risk of productivity losses caused by the issues on the systems.

3. Enhancing flexibility

Implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure make businesses more agile, especially when they are transitioning into remote working environment. Companies will be able to let their employees choose their device of preference to work, as long as they have internet access. Whether it is on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, the experience will be the same.

4. Protecting your business from internal and external fraud

If a company implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, it means that all the data will be saved on the server rather than the employees’ devices, so that it serves to protect business from internal and external fraud. We can protect all important data from unexpected occasions such as if an employee’s device is ever stolen or compromised.

If we are looking at today’s business trends sparked by the pandemic, 4 those benefits of implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure gives many advantages for companies that are now trying to adapt and accelerate their business to the new reality. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure must be the top priority solutions for businesses’ IT investment strategy.

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