Important Benefits of Hyper Converged Infrastructure for Your Company

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As technology continues to develop, IT devices are also becoming more complex. It also drives a higher need for modern database requirements. One of the solutions for companies to overcome this is by switching to hyper converged infrastructure.

Currently, companies are facing many challenges. One of them is the problem of data that continues to grow, resulting in data center deployments. The database must continuously run for 24 hours in 7 days. Besides, update procedures are also required to integrate the latest fixes and features as well as cloud integration. These issues can raise maintenance costs due to many traditional infrastructures and data center expansion. Moreover, it also required more time and effort dedicated by the IT team. Hence, companies can use hyper-converged infrastructure to overcome this.

Important Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Your Company

Technology is becoming much more sophisticated and creating database systems with better features than before. The additional features on the database system can be in the form of big data clustering, enhancements to In-Memory Database features, and the ability to execute machine learning scripts in the database. The use of hyper converged infrastructure is becoming more important than ever to support the companies adapting to the latest systems. Let us look at the benefits that companies will get if they use this infrastructure.

  1. Reduce IT complexity

As the company’s business grows, it will also produce more data. Hence, the company will require to increase its server capacity and scalability. Indeed, at a low cost. Using hyper-converged infrastructure can help companies implement IT infrastructure with a considerably effective cost based on the needs. Hyperconverged infrastructure can manage the system as the database server application develops. This will reduce the company’s IT system complexity to be simpler but still have excellent capabilities.

  1. Save IT administrator time and effort

Using hyper converged infrastructure will simplify the company’s IT infrastructure.

This simplicity will have an impact on saving IT administrators time and effort. Hyperconverged infrastructure deploys the servers with integrated storage, computed, and simplified networking. Therefore, admins will work faster and easier to set up or expand the infrastructure and perform updates across IT environments without incurring downtime or compromising the performance of other IT systems.

  1. Improve business performance

The database is critical for the company. It must always be available and protected so that the company will not experience significant losses. Using hyper-converged infrastructure can improve business performance because it has built-in data protection features that make IT admins easily manage, control, and protect database servers. This convenience simplifies the operating performance and maximizes the performance itself. Thus, business performance will improve, and the company’s business will continue to grow.

A more sophisticated IT system will make the company grow and improve business performance. Your company can consult with Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, to implement hyper-converged infrastructure for your company. Phintraco Technology will provide the best IT solution for your company, whether a hyper converged infrastructure or converged infrastructure system.


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