Improve Customer Journey Security using Technology

05 Jul 2022 Phintraco

Improve Customer Journey Security using Technology

Cyberattacks can happen anywhere, at any time, and by anyone nowadays. Security is important for businesses, especially in the customer journeys owned by finance and banking companies. This is because cybercriminals target the financial and banking industries because they contain a large amount of sensitive customer data. The customer journey is a series of interactions with the company until the customer receives the company’s services. Customer acquisition, customer activation, customer engagement, and customer retention are examples of typical interactions. Your company can implement security along the journey so that customers feel safe and trust your company with their personal data.

Technologies that Can Enhance the Security of the Customer Onboarding Process

Several digital security technologies are used to ensure that customers, their devices, and companies have a safer customer journey. Here are some technologies that can improve customer journey security:

  1. Electronic Signature

This technology is the turning of signatures on electronic media. Using an electronic signature will ease, simplify, and speed up the company’s workflow in identity checking and signing. As there are a variety of options for identity verification and authentication that can ensure someone is the appropriate person before accessing the documents, this will improve the customer experience and strengthen compliance.

  1. Mobile app shielding

This technology is a digital security technology that is used in the customer journey, particularly when customer activation, engagement, and retention occur. Mobile app shielding detects and mitigates mobile malware and other malicious attacks aimed at stealing customer data or money via the app. This ensures that the mobile app runs safely, even if there is a risk of malware if the customer’s phone is jailbroken or rooted.

  1. Authentication technologies

In a more secure customer journey, the combination of authentication technologies such as hardware tokens, software tokens, or biometrics is part of the customer experience. Biometric authentication, such as fingerprints or face scanning, is available at the majority of banks. Customers will be more satisfied with biometric authentication because it allows them to easily add another layer of protection against account takeover fraud, session hijacking, and other types of fraud attacks.

The use of electronic signatures, mobile app shielding, and authentication is important for your company to present a safer customer journey. Your company can use these technologies in collaboration with Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group that specializes in IT infrastructure.

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