Improve Fraud Detection Using Voice Biometrics Solution

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Current community activities tend to be dense with fast-paced movements. Therefore, the company has new demands in terms of its service. Companies must provide fast service, especially in the contact center division that directly interacts with customers. However, identity verification questions posed by contact center agents sometimes make the customers uncomfortable and make them think twice about communicating with contact center agents again in the future.


Based on data compiled from Forbes, there are 19 victims of identity theft per minute. Identity thefts are targeting anyone and happening anywhere, such as bank account identity theft. These conditions require the companies to implement a series of identification processes to ensure the authenticity of a customer’s identity.

In conclusion, there are two primary needs that a company should meet, which are to provide fast service while still ensuring the security of customer identity. Noticing those needs, now is the time for companies to use voice biometrics solution for company contact centers.  


Voice Biometrics Solution Can Detect Fraudulent Calls

Voice biometrics is a technology that utilizes voice to verify data because sound has a unique pattern and differs from person to person. When a customer makes a call to the contact center, the agent no longer needs to verify the identity because the verification process will start when the customer voices out and will verify the correctness of the customer’s identity immediately. Of course, it all begins with the process of customers’ voice recording when they create an account with your company. Customer personal data will be safe since it is only used for administrative requirements. The voice biometrics solution can detect sounds that are considered “scams” because it has a database for fake voices detection. Therefore, the company will avoid fraud, and customers no longer have to expose their personal identity during the call.

Fraud Detection Increases and Customer Service also Improves by Using Voice Biometrics Solution

There are many advantages obtained if companies use voice biometrics solution:

  1. A faster verification process so that contact center agents do not waste time and focus more on serving customers.
  2. Customers will also feel comfortable because the identification process is fast.
  3. Using a voice biometrics solution makes customer data safer since customers do not have to expose their personal identity while on a call.

Overall, the company will get many benefits because customer needs are met.


Nowadays, companies need to be more concerned about customer data security as cybercriminals also upgrade their capabilities. Using a voice biometrics solution can be a great solution to maintain customer data security and avoid fraud.


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