Improving Data Center Reliability Through Virtualization

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The growth of big data in this digital era has made many companies realize the importance of digital data storage to support business operations. Because having a dedicated physical server is no longer considered efficient or economical. Companies gradually began to implement cloud computing, particularly in Indonesia. The first step that companies must take is to use virtualization technology to transform their data centers from physical to virtual. Virtualization technology is currently used as an alternative solution to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, the virtualization technology is simple to maintain. This article will look at how virtualization can improve data center reliability.

Data Center Virtualization

Data centers, a technology whose existence is a data storage solution, are present as a solution to companies’ needs in managing and accessing data. A data center is a unique location that houses a network and servers. Data centers organize, process, store, and distribute information. Unfortunately, the data center has a limited capacity, so more equipment and cutting-edge technology are required to increase its storage capacity. As a result, virtualization solutions may be considered. Virtualization in data centers is now widely used in a variety of industries. Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the critical need for digital data storage servers, making virtualization a viable option, given that virtualization systems are more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective for IT budget allocation.

How Virtualization Improves Data Center Reliability

Virtualization is a technology with a simple concept that has a large impact on today’s enterprise data centers. Before the advent of virtualization technology, companies typically focused on sprawl servers that had a high-cost load, required more space and resources, underutilized computing overloads, and processes that were still manual, making them ineffective and efficient. The presence of this virtualization can change the flaws that exist on the sprawl server and drastically alter the process. As a result, many companies are now running some of their workloads in a virtual environment. Then, explain how virtualization technology improves the data center’s reliability in supporting the company’s operational activities:

  1. Improve Operating System Reliability

Virtualization in a data center creates a simulated or virtual computing environment that differs from the physical environment. Computer-generated operating systems are included in virtualization. This enables companies to partition a single computer or physical server into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine can then interact autonomously, running different operating systems or applications while sharing resources from a single host machine.

  1. Maximize Flexibility

Virtualization can help to accelerate deployment, simplify operations, and reduce complexity. In addition, because management is simply monitored via a single dashboard, the company can concentrate more on improving its products and services.

  1. Streamline Data Center Management

Virtualization enables centralized management and monitoring of data centers with hyper-converged infrastructure technology, allowing the IT team to focus more on developing services that add value to the business.

Not only is virtualization in the data center more practical in supporting the company’s operational activities, but it can also streamline its operational cost budget. If you are the owner or manager of a data center and want to reduce operational costs effectively, this virtualization method is the solution. Phintraco Technology is an IT Infrastructure company that can assist your organization with its virtualization needs. This Phintraco Group subsidiary has worked extensively with companies from various industries. Phintraco Technology can assist you in modernizing your company’s data center to run more effectively and efficiently.


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