Improving Employee Experience for Better Customer Experience

09 Sep 2019 Phintraco

Improving Employee Experience for Better Customer Experience

The use of advanced technology is the most important factor for business improvements, because the main purpose of technology solution is to improve your business efficiency. If a company wants to develop their business, they need effective solutions to make their employee work with little complexity but produce something valuable. A reliable solution to simplify communication between employees and customers can improve your service quality to customers.

Solutions that simplify communication between employees and customers are needed, because it gives impact on how good the customer experience is. We know that customer experience is a pulse of every business now and in the future.

By improving communication infrastructure that simplify employee workload, a company will get better operational efficiency, create a better employee and customer experience.

A solution from Avaya unified communication, Intelligent Xperiences (IX) Workplace, is designed to integrate several communication options such as calls, message, business meetings, and team collaboration, all of them are built together in an easy-to-use platform.

Now it’s time to implement effective collaboration and increase productivity in your company. Avaya comes with Intelligent Xperiences Workplace that make it easy for employees to communicate with their team or customers to increase business effectiveness. Employees are not overworked because their workload such as calls, messages, meetings, and collaboration will be easier with Intelligent Xperiences Workplace, the product families within Avaya unified communication. Avaya builds converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration— in on premise, cloud, or a hybrid of both.

Specifically, Avaya Intelligent Xperience Workplace solution is designed to increase employee involvement and productivity by connecting calls, message, meeting, and team collaboration. This integrated solution enables employees work smarter by generating data into insight, so that employee experience increases and they feel more immersed and fulfilled in their roles not just as workers but innovators to develop your business.

By improving employee experience, the quality of customer experience will be better than before. If a company has technology solutions that reduces the complexity of their operational process, increasing security, productivity, and higher revenue are not a problem at all. Communication between employee and your customers will be better and responsive. Something that you have to always remember is — positive experiences will improve customer loyalty, and brand value rapidly.

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