Leveraging Voice Biometrics to Deliver Better Contact Center Services

19 Aug 2020 Phintraco

Leveraging Voice Biometrics to Deliver Better Contact Center Services

Technology advancement comes with many advantages to help people in daily activities, and also for businesses. However, it also comes with some disadvantages and challenges. Businesses are faced with digital frauds, especially for financial or banking institutions. Contact center fraud is growing in many financial institutions and will continue to grow as a favored method of attack unless they strengthen controls to make fraud far more difficult and deliver better contact center services.

To protect customer data, financial or banking institutions usually implement security questions methods to verify customer identity. Unfortunately, this method still has many disadvantages.

  • Time-consuming

Identity verification with security questions method will spend a lot of time, around 45 seconds up to a minute, even more. It depends on its customer conditions– customers who have to remember their answers to security questions, person with disability or elderly person.

Customers who make calls to the contact center certainly have their own purposes, if an agent asks too many security questions, they will feel annoyed and dissatisfied with the quality of the service. Therefore, we can say that security questions will give your agent more obstacles to deliver better contact center services to customers. This traditional method can really damage contact center agent’s performance, considering that there are hundreds of calls that must be handled every day.

  • Wide security weakness issues

In today’s digital era, everything can be easily accessed. There is a huge possibility that customer data could be leaked or stolen, because the data such as address, date of birth, mother’s name (the information to answer security questions) can easily be found on Google search and social media.

One of the best solutions to overcome the disadvantages of traditional authentication method and deliver better contact center services is leveraging Voice Biometrics solutions.

Phintraco Technology provides Verint Voice Biometrics solutions to verify callers in real time passively, without requiring a password to be spoken. Voice Biometrics make authentication faster, easier, and more secure than traditional authentication methods.

Here are the advantages of leveraging Verint Voice Biometrics:

  • Enhance customer security and reduce fraud-related losses in the contact center by passively identifying legitimate customers and detecting potential fraudsters at the start of a call.
  • Deliver better contact center services and a better customer experience by reducing or eliminating the need for security questions.
  • Reduce average agent handle time and contact center costs. Each agent can handle more customers in a day.

Voice Biometrics is the best solution for overcoming challenges of using traditional authentication method and to deliver better contact center services. Although the use of Voice Biometrics is more familiar for contact centers in financial or banking industry, other industries can also use Voice Biometrics such as insurance, telco, e-commerce, and more.

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