Make Your Company More Innovative Using Hyper-converged Infrastructure

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In the current digital era, companies are getting more competitive, competing to win the best position in their industry. Companies must continuously innovate to create the best business for customers and continue to grow. Companies can apply many strategies to be able to develop innovative businesses. One of the strategies is using hyper-converged infrastructure in its IT systems.

Description of Hyper-converged Infrastructure

The emergence of hyper-converged infrastructure has become a massive change for storage systems and data centers.  Hyperconverged infrastructure is the latest software-based technology that can integrate virtualization, compute, storage, and networking resources on IT hardware. The results produced by hyper-converged infrastructure are better than traditional infrastructure in general. Hyperconverged infrastructure can make management systems work automatically and simplify the complexity of IT infrastructure. Companies already using hyper-converged infrastructure are becoming more agile, have broad coverage, and save costs.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Helps Companies to Become More Innovative

Companies get many benefits when using hyper-converged infrastructure on their IT systems. One of the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure is that it can help its business performance become more efficient by cutting administration time by 50%. Hence, IT employees can be more focused on strategic tasks. IT employees will also create more strategic moves and create more innovative businesses. Besides, hyper-converged infrastructure has the backup and DR capability to restore the system in minutes, usually taking 7 days. On a cost basis, the company would save $300,000 on its operations.

Last but not least, hyper-converged infrastructure can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This benefit will make employee performance more efficient. Therefore, employees will have more time to create a more innovative business.

Why is it Important to Use Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Companies will get many benefits if they use hyper-converged infrastructure. Hyperconverged infrastructure is very suitable for companies that prioritize technology in their business. Companies that start to transform digitally will need a lot of technology solutions to make it easier to run their business. Thus, a simple IT infrastructure capable of integrating all IT systems will be needed, and the use of hyper-converged infrastructure is one of the right strategies to manage this. Besides reducing the company’s need for excessive power, space, and cooling systems, hyper-converged infrastructure also can reduce OPEX by 70%. In the end, the company will have an efficient IT system that also delivers maximum performance and benefits for the company.


Make your company more innovative using hyper-converged infrastructure with Phintraco Technology. Phintraco Technology is a company that provides IT services and solutions. Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, can help companies integrate and implement IT systems based on your company’s needs. One of them is by implementing hyper-converged infrastructure.


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