Virtualization Enables Enterprises in Maximizing the Potential of Kubernetes for Application Modernization

11 Oct 2022 Phintraco

Virtualization Enables Enterprises in Maximizing the Potential of Kubernetes for Application Modernization

Companies are currently focusing on application modernization, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization is motivated by digital trends, remote work (WFH), and rising customer expectations. Businesses must evolve to thrive, which is why so many are opting for digital transformation. As enterprises modernize their applications, they will create new processes and the infrastructure to support them. In addition, a solid application modernization strategy can reduce the resources needed to run applications, improving efficiency and security. Finally, by updating business processes, lowering maintenance costs, and making data more accessible, application modernization enables enterprises to accelerate innovation and enter the market faster.

Accelerate the Modernization of Applications Across Kubernetes Platforms with Virtualization

Virtualization solutions help enterprises accelerate application modernization by streamlining infrastructure management within the Kubernetes platform. Furthermore, this solution makes it easier for developers to use data container services in on-premises and hybrid environments. This solution includes a self-service catalogue function that allows developers to optimize and customize it based on the company’s needs and quickly deploy those applications across the Kubernetes platform.

Virtualization Effectively Optimizes Developer Productivity

Virtualization technology has technical applications that can improve developer productivity. Here are some examples of how this technology effectively optimizes developer productivity:

  1. Easier for Operators

The first benefit gained by the company from implementing virtualization is that it makes it easier to manage virtual machines and containers using a build, run, and manage strategy. In addition, virtualization allows operators to manage all of their Kubernetes clusters from any location.

  1. Better Developer Experience

Virtualization can improve the developer experience by making software better and faster. Furthermore, virtualization increases workload flexibility and mobility, API-based automation and speed to support developer self-service access.

  1. More Resilient

Virtualization increases the dependability of the IT environment. In the event of a hardware failure, virtualization has the highly available ability to reduce downtime. High Availability provides methods for keeping the virtual machine running even if the hardware fails. This is a critical feature for IT environments that cannot afford machine downtime.

  1. More Secure

Virtualization solutions also provide a high level of security for enterprises through the Kubernetes platform and SaaS management functions. By using virtualization, customers can meet security policies that automatically adapt to changes in a virtual system. As an example, consider the introduction of a new virtual machine. This solution will provide continuous security of both physical and virtual IT environments through a single offering and integration.

  1. Better Performance

When it comes to performance when running a virtual machine, virtualization can provide a more seamless user experience. Virtualization provides exceptional performance by utilizing robust resource management and NUMA optimization, compensating for any virtualization overhead.

  1. Lower Total Cost

Because of the limitations of x86 servers, many enterprises must use multiple servers, each of which operates at a fraction of its capacity. High operating costs compensate for today’s high storage and processing demands. Virtualization is the most effective way for all sizes of businesses to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency and agility.

Therefore, is virtualization necessary for the enterprise? The answer is critical. Virtualization is necessary for companies, no matter how large or small can ignore it. This is because virtualization provides numerous benefits and advantages for developers in terms of company advancement. As an IT Infrastructure company, Phintraco Technology is the ideal solution for your company’s virtualization requirements. Phintraco Technology has extensive experience working with various companies in various industries. With cutting-edge capabilities ready to support developers, Phintraco Technology, as a subordinary of Phintraco Group, can help you efficiently adopt Kubernetes while supporting stateful applications. Of course, with increased scalability and a variety of new features, virtualization can effectively optimize the productivity of your company’s developers.


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