Secure your e-banking transactions. Prioritize the safety of their financial activities with our Mobile App Security and Authenticator.

New Era of secure and
convenient e-banking

New Era of secure and
convenient e-banking

Mobile App Security

Enhance your customers' mobile experience, safeguard their personal data, and minimize fraud using cutting-edgeauthentication and mobile application security measures.

Multi-layered mobile app security

This framework enhances security for all important aspects of your app, like communication, storage, platform, provisioning, interface, and user. It uses advanced defenses while the app is running and strengthens the code to protect against attacks. This ensures strong and dependable protection for your app.

User and Transaction Protection

Our comprehensive and versatile two-factor authentication seamlessly integrates into mobile financial services, effectively reducing risks and meeting the demand for user convenience, even in highly sensitive mobile transactions.


Offers a diverse selection of robust authentication solutions and seamless security capabilities that align with your essential business objectives.

Mobile Security Suite (MSS)

  • Software Development Kit to be integrated into any mobile application
  • Function rich, full flexibility

Mobile Authenticator Studio (MAS)

  • Ready-made mobile authenticators
  • Off-the-sheld with OTP, TDS functionalitirs
  • Options for Scan-and-Logon, Scan-and-Sign, Push-and-Logon and Push-and-Sign

Mobile App Security and Authenticator Partner

OneSpan specializes in digital identity and anti-fraud solutions, creating exceptional and secure experiences for businesses like yours.As a global leader at Gartner 2022 and Frost & Sullivan, the comprehensive range of solutions includes high-assurance identity verification, secure transaction signing, authentication, and mobile security. These advanced tools enable trust and maintain the integrity of individuals and digital assets involved in agreements and transactions across industries such as banking, financial services, healthcare, and professional services.
Phintraco Technology is Single Distributor OneSpan in Indonesia for state-of-the-art digital identity and mobile app security that ensure secure and trustworthy interactions in the digital world. Elevate your business to the next level of security and customer satisfaction.

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