Overcoming the Contact Center Challenges with Workforce Management Solutions

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Workforce management solutions have been around in contact centers operation for ages. Until now, the function of workforce management (WFM) solutions may look the same – to predict how many agents we need to handle customer interactions, and then schedule the appropriate number of employees.

As the complexity of contact center operations continue to grow, WFM should be the right solutions to overcome the all contact center challenges and to meet employees or agents expectation. It means that the functions of WFM solutions are not only for predicting customer interactions and scheduling agents, we need to use WFM solutions that offer modern features and functions.

As a contact center solutions provider in Indonesia, Phintraco Technology provides Verint’s workforce management solutions. If it is compared to similar WFM solutions, Verint’s WFM offers different capabilities and benefits. Do you want to know what makes it different? Let’s take a closer look to these following points: 

1. Flexibility

Contact center agents are truly company’s representatives. Today’s dynamic environment makes retaining and managing high-skilled agents more challenging than ever, because more contact center agents demand flexible schedules. If companies cannot accomodate the demand, they will lose talented agents.

Those needs are the reason behind why companies need workforce management solutions that offer flexibility to all contact center agents. Together with Verint, Phintraco Technology provides WFM solutions with these following capabilities:

·  Flexible time off requests

Verint’s workforce management solution offers Flexible Time Request. This feature enables agents to request time off and make-up time in a single request, so that incorrect scheduling will not affect agents performance in the system.

· Task switching

This feature enables agents to change up the tasks and switch it to the agents with the right skill to handle certain issues, so that companies can retain the quality of their customer experiences.

·  Shift swaps

feature helps supervisor to simplify the process of schedule changes.

· It’s available on mobile apps

Another different advantage of Verint’s workforce management solutions is supervisors and agents can access the software from their smartphones. It enables them to manage their schedules on the go, they do not need to be tied to their desktops to make changes.

2. It’s simple and easy to use

Companies will have a WFM with modern functions and experience, so that it is easy for all users, including new users.

3. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Historically, contact center managers or supervisor use manual method to predict staffing. Fortunately, now we have Verint’s WFM solutions! Supervisors or managers will not need traditional way to predict staffing because it is powered by AI to help them automatically run through a series of intelligent equations to select the best model built on actual experience in years past.

Managers or supervisors can automatically predict how many calls and chat sessions will contact center handle during the holidays, where were the peaks, what skills do they should have and what channels do they work in. AI can take all those assignments and build an optimal schedule.

4. Workforce management for across departments

The company’s back office has far more parts than contact center. Therefore, Verint’s WFM solutions can be used by across departments, it is not only limited to contact center. It is specially designed for back office and branch offices with many employees, because it is equipped with these features:

· Activity-Based Scheduling

Verint’s WFM solution is equipped with activity-based scheduling, which help companies to do back office scheduling, focuses on resources with specific production activities that align with work arrivals, volumes and deadlines.

·  Backlog dan Ageing

This feature help companies to prioritize how resources spend their time.

·  Robust Labor Modeling dan Position Planning

This feature helps companies with many branch offices to plan the required resource for each branch.

It is Time to Move to Modern Workforce Management Solutions to Overcome Contact Center Challenges

Managing contact center is a huge challenge, because for customers, contact center agents are the face of your organizations, and their effectiveness will directly impact the company reputation and the experience you deliver to customers.

The rising expectations of both customers and agents have made the task of day to day forecasting and scheduling exponentially harder. Aligning all of these needs is a daily problem. Now, with Verint’s workforce management solutons, it does not. It offers functionality to help you meet the needs of the evolving contact center challenges within modern business modern.

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