Overcoming Digital Banking Security Challenges

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During COVID-19 pandemic, customer’s awareness of digital banking increases and this rapid shift has made digital banking services acceleration necessary for Indonesian banking sectors.

Nowadays, banks are competing to develop their digital services and make their application as the most complete application than competitors.  In addition to focusing on developing services that customers can enjoy through their mobile banking application, banks also need to think about a solution to overcome digital banking security challenges as one of the key benefits offered to customers.

Offering a reliable security is the most crucial factor for digital banking services, because if there is a problem regarding the security in customer’s mobile banking application that causes a financial loss, a bank needs to be responsible and bear the risk.

Not all banks have good visibility to see all customer activities in their digital applications, so that their digital banking services acceleration may bring some security challenges for them.

To provide solutions for banking to overcome digital banking security challenges, Phintraco Technology as an official business partner of OneSpan offers Mobile App Shielding solutions.

Overcome Digital Banking Security Challenges with Mobile App Shielding Solutions

To help banks accelerating their digital banking services fearlessly, Phintraco Technology provides Mobile App Shielding as a security solution to protect mobile banking application.

The most common techniques used by cyber criminals to attack banking application – such as keylogging, screen reading, code injection, and other techniques – can be prevented by using only one security solution named Mobile Mobile App Shielding.

How Mobile App Shielding Works to Protect Mobile Banking Application against Cyber Threats

A Mobile App Shielding solution ensures the security of mobile apps in three ways: Protect, Detect and React. Here is the explanation:

1. Protect

It protects mobile banking application by preventing all attack techniques via code obfuscation and anti-repackaging technology.

2. Detect

It actively detects malicious threats in mobile banking such as key logging, screen reading, code injection, and other attack techniques.

3. React

Mobile App Shielding can be configured to react to prevent malicious activities in application by shutting the app down or enabling preventive actions based on each business’s policy.

What are the Benefits of Implementing Mobile App Shielding to Overcome Digital Banking Security Challenges

Mobile App Shielding offers a list of features that allow banks to extend and strengthen the security of their mobile banking applications, so that banks can always protect customers and meet application development timelines. Here are the benefits of implementing this solution:

1. Advanced Protection for Mobile Banking Application

By implementing Mobile App Shielding solutions, banks can guarantee that mobile banking application is safe from all types of cyberattacks.

2. Improve Customer Experience

Mobile App Shielding allows banks to improve customer experiences, because all customer’s interaction and transaction in mobile banking are protected from the risks of sophisticated cyberattacks.

3. Scalable Mobile App Security

Banks can always protect their mobile banking application against latest threats without hindering app development frequency or speed.

4. Compliance

Mobile App Shielding helps banks to implement strong data protection controls to support compliance with regulations such as PSD2, GDPR, and more.

COVID-19 has been inducing business trends. In banking industry, digital banking trend is chosen to be the main strategy to stay competitive.  

If you are now accelerating digital banking services, focusing on security must be your top priority. Then, Mobile App Shielding would be the right solution to overcome digital banking security challenges within your organization.

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