Phintraco Technology Helps Companies to Turn Their IT Department into a Profit Center

26 Oct 2019 Phintraco

Phintraco Technology Helps Companies to Turn Their IT Department into a Profit Center

Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary company of Phintraco Group that focuses on Contact Center Solutions and Modern Infrastructures, held an event with its two partners, Dell EMC and VMware on Thursday, 24 October 2019 in Jakarta.

Attended by IT Professionals from across industries, the theme of this event was “Unstoppable IT Journey with DELL EMC & VMWARE Better Together Solutions”. This event consists of several sessions presented by Dell EMC and VMware representatives. In addition, there was Question and Answer session about IT solutions, especially about Hybrid and Multi Cloud. All participants showed their enthusiasm for this session, and Phintraco Technology facilitated all participants to discuss about IT Solution with some experts. Through this session, all participants’ curiosity about Hybrid and Multi Cloud were answered in detail.

Question and Answer Session

Through this event, Phintraco Technology aimed to provide knowledge to participants about the future of technology, and encourage Indonesian companies to prepare their company’s IT infrastructure ready for Hybrid and Multi Cloud. With the advanced technology that facilitates the company’s operations and creates the right strategy to increase productivity, companies are able to turn their IT department into a profit center.

Today, every organization needs to be a digital organization, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud. Every organization needs to prepare their digital transformation start from now.

In the first session, the session “Journey to Multi Cloud” was presented by Albert Lay, as Channel Data Center & Solutions from Dell Technologies.

 “According to the research from IDC, By 2020, 60% of organizations will use two or more cloud platforms leading companies to seek Multi Cloud management services to reduce complexity. Organization will focus on how to reduce cost, secure, improve reliability, and how to control and maintain organization well.” Said Albert Lay. In this event, the participants were also given knowledge about the steps during the transition process from On Premise to Multi-Cloud.

To help companies to turn their IT department into a profit center, Phintraco Technology provides integrated solutions from Dell EMC and VMware.

Dell EMC delivers integrated hardware and software solutions that provide financial and operational efficiency. It has been more than ten years for Dell EMC and VMware development have resulted in a highly integrated portfolio of infrastructure products and provided simplified operational control.

Dell EMC and VMware deliver the industry’s main cloud software powered by API driven CI, HCI and Best of Breed systems. All are combined to be the industry’s main cloud infrastructure.

Phintraco Technology gives opportunities to all organizations to develop their IT department. Phintraco Technology is ready to make every organization to be a digital organization that powered by data and running in Multi Cloud. There is no complexity in modernizing infrastructure and software, also secure important assents.

With Phintraco Technology, you are able to turn your company’s IT department into a profit center by changing your existing organization to be a digital organization that more productive and efficient through a collaboration between Dell EMC and VMware.

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