Phintraco Technology Successfully Wins International Award at Avaya Engage 2019

16 Nov 2019 Phintraco

Phintraco Technology Successfully Wins International Award at Avaya Engage 2019

Phintraco Technology shows another great achievements. Phintraco Technology successfully won an international award as “Enterprise Growth Partner of the Year 2019” at Avaya Engage 2019 in Atlantis Hotel, Dubai. Avaya Engage 2019 was a three-days event, 12 to 14 November 2019. In this event, Avaya invited all its business partners in APAC to discuss the latest technology strategies and innovations from Avaya and also their impact on digital transformation.

In addition, in Avaya Engage 2019, Avaya’s business partners and customers who has made great accomplishments were given awards as an appreciation for successfully maximizing Customer Experience by implementing the latest technology from Avaya.

Phintraco Technology, which has become Avaya’s partner since 2000, ranks highest as Avaya’s business partner that has grown to the most developed partner in Asia Pacific region. For this outstanding accomplishments, Phintraco Technology is entitled to get an award as the “Enterprise Growth Partner of the Year 2019”. Phintraco Technology is the one and only company from Indonesia that received an award at this international event.

The award was given directly by Fadi Moubarak as Vice President – Channels, Avaya International to Hendrik Kusuma as Senior Product Manager of Phintraco Technology.

Furthermore, one of Phintraco Technology’s customers, PT Bank Central Asia (BCA), also won an award for “Master of the Art of Customer Experience” category. This award was given to one of Phintraco Technology’s customers because BCA has successfully cooperated with Phintraco Technology and Avaya in maximizing Customer Experience. The collaboration has successfully proven the best quality customer experience services for Asia Pacific region.

This award will certainly create a spirit of Phintraco Technology team to continue improving innovation and services quality for both partners and customers, especially in providing the best customer experience solutions that are closely related to a successful business.


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