Poor Network Performance: The Ultimate Business Processes Disruptor

05 Apr 2022 Phintraco

Poor Network Performance: The Ultimate Business Processes Disruptor

Many companies are trying to achieve their best digital transformations to keep up with evolving market trends, increasing customer demands, and intense competition. Unfortunately, traditional network architectures are not designed to handle the workloads and complexities that most digital transformation schemes require. When the network fails to function properly, the company’s performance will be disrupted. Many factors contribute to poor network performance. Discover and understand how your poor network performance can significantly impact your company’s business here.

Different Types of Network Performance Issues

Many people analogize the network as the “soul” of a company because of its very significant role in the company’s business processes. A company’s networks often face several problems that hinder their performance efficiency, which can immediately and detrimentally impact the company. The following list is three examples or types of enterprise network performance issues.

1.      Cable connectivity issues

Cables are the most crucial thing in network connectivity. Even a single damaged cable or connector can cause severe problems for the company. When there is a connectivity issue with a cable, it can be difficult to investigate the cables one by one to find out what the problem is.

2.      Large bandwidth usage

The use of large bandwidth due to a load of network activity can also be a source of problems. Busy activity on the network will cause congestion, and this bottleneck will prevent an even distribution of bandwidth across your network.

3.      The complexity of cloud integration

Companies will face several difficulties when integrating the existing network architecture with the cloud, especially maintaining the balance. However, if this integration is appropriately balanced, company networks can increase network performance.

The Negative Impacts of Poor Network Performance

As the company’s “soul”, problems with computer network performance will harm the company’s overall productivity. The company network has a vital role in supporting employees to perform their tasks more efficiently and comfortably. If your company’s network is performing poorly or may not be functioning effectively, the time it takes to work around it can hinder employees’ work that day. Customer satisfaction is also at stake during this network performance issue. If the network for services that connect with customers in real-time is disrupted, customer satisfaction decreases, and the company may lose customers and revenue.

Present SD-WAN as an All-in-One Solution

You have to present SD-WAN as an all-in-one solution before your company experiences the network performance issues and destructive impacts mentioned above. SD-WAN is a modern solution that can solve various network performance problems while offering profitable advantages for your company. This solution can reduce network complexity, increase bandwidth, and reduce security costs. Implement SD-WAN with Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group which is trusted in implementing many technology solutions for companies in various industries.


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