SD-WAN Supports Remote Work

12 Apr 2022 Phintraco

SD-WAN Supports Remote Work

Recently, cloud systems have been widely used by companies. There are many conveniences that companies get when using a cloud system. Some of the advantages of using a cloud system are easy to access because it can be used anywhere easily, cost-efficient, and integrable to any software.

The COVID-19 pandemic is why companies apply a WFH or WFA system, so it is very suitable to use a cloud system. If your company plans to implement a WFH or remote work system, using SD-WAN technology is one of the supporting solutions to serve a distributed workforce anywhere.

The Challenges of Remote Work From the IT Side

Before switching to a cloud system, the company had a data center. Data gathered from Dell Technologies shows that 20-30% of employees can work from home only a few days a week by the end of 2021. This data proves that many employees are already working from home. Suppose the company is going to implement a remote work system permanently. In that case, a new network strategy is needed to ease the switching systems process from the data center to the cloud. One of the challenges if companies continue to implement data center systems is that they will face high-cost problems from data transportation and underutilized network hardware.

SD-WAN Simplifies Remote Work System

Other data gathered from Dell Technologies shows that 85% of medium to large-scale companies have switched to using SD-WAN. This fact proves that SD-WAN is very useful for companies that use the cloud. Companies can find it easier to use SD-WAN technology because SD-WAN is able to do the following things:

  1. Prioritize better applications
  2. Bring more bandwidth
  3. Control costs
  4. Increase resilience

Benefits of Using SD-Wan

SD-WAN technology supports an efficient transition to a more cloud-centric system. This technology solution also enables direct connectivity and higher performance than legacy network models. Other advantages of using SD-Wan include:

1.      Flexibility when working remotely

Network admins can push applications simultaneously to one or more sites using SD-WAN technology. It also provides IT teams visibility to any remote location. Hence, IT teams can increase remote sites up to 5 times with just an additional 1 hour.

2.      Lower data transport costs

Traffic in the traditional network model is connected from branch sites to the data center, then connected to the cloud, and vice versa. SD-WAN technology can reduce dependence on MPLS, replacing critical bandwidth.

3.      Improve efficiency

The SD-WAN technology solution offers “zero-touch” deployment and network management. SD-WAN technology also has a central orchestration engine that makes management more efficient. Your company can also have centralized network management that can help policies of the data center. This convenience also makes SD-WAN more efficient because the IT team can solve the problem by directly coming to a specific location when a problem occurs.

SD-WAN is a cloud system support solution that is very useful for companies. Your company will be more efficient when implementing a work-from-home system or even work-from-anywhere.

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