Strategies for Choosing Unified Communication Solutions for Businesses

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Unified Communication is a solution that combines multiple enterprise communications channels, such as voice, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing, not limited by distance, time and media. Unified Communication enables employees to choose the most effective way to communicate with their colleagues or customers.

As we have discovered, finding the right solution is not always an easy process. The challenge is finding and implementing the right unified communication solutions that works for all users and suits their needs.

Every company needs to plan the right strategies to get the maximum value of using Unified Communication solutions. Therefore, before choosing Unified Communication solutions, you need to implement these following strategies:

1. Identify and define employees’ needs

When choosing a Unified Communication solution, companies need to make their employees’ (who will be the users of this solution) needs as their top priority in determining what and how the solution will be implemented.

This solution is expected to provide performance improvements, simplified processes, and faster decision making. Therefore, the first consideration of choosing the right Unified Communication solutions should be identify and define users’ needs.

2. Choose the right platform

The next step to choose the right Unified Communication solutions is to find the right platform. You need to make sure that it provides comprehensive and scalable features for business needs, not only for the business world of today, but also for the challenges of tomorrow.

3. Choose the right provider

The last step of choosing the right Unified Communication solution is to find the right provider. To get maximum value from your investment in Unified Communication solution, you need to pay more attention to its track record.

Phintraco Technology, as an IT solutions and services provider, offers Avaya’s Unified Communication solutions. Phintraco Technology has become Avaya’s business partner since 2000, providing Avaya’s comprehensive solutions such as for Contact Center, Communication Cloud, Omni-channel, and Unified Communication.

Avaya’s Unified Communication solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real-time, in the mode best suited to each interaction to eliminate inefficiencies in communications, and make employees more productive and responsive.

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