Strategies to Improve Service Quality at Your Business

11 Dec 2019 Phintraco

Strategies to Improve Service Quality at Your Business

The quality of your service affects your business continuity. Customer satisfaction is important. As business grows more complex, companies must first scale effectively. Adding more employees to meet customers need must align with cost structure, goals, and corporate culture. 

It is important to know that an effective way to give the best service to customer is not only by adding employees, but also maximize the quality of existing employees.

Companies often face problems in deciding the number of employees that they need, the desire to provide a perfect service to customers in order to get increased business profits is the reason why it can happen. To solve this problem, you have to find a way for your business, such as creating a Workforce Optimization strategy.


What is Workforce Optimization (WFO)?

Workforce Optimization (WFO) is a strategy that can be used in business to improve service quality and get maximum profits with low operational cost. This strategy can also be supported by the existence of technological solutions.

Phintraco, as an IT solution provider in Indonesia, provides Verint Workforce Optimization as technology solution that can make your company have an excellent service quality.

Not only to support customer service performance at contact center, Verint Workforce Optimization can also be used to improve the performance of other supporting employees. Verint Workforce Optimization is a suite of unified software and services for capturing interactions and managing the performance of employees across the enterprise, including contact centers, back offices, branches, and also the financial department.

Verint Workforce Optimization provides solutions that combine a variety of functions, including Recording, Quality management, Desktop & process analytics, Workforce management, Performance management, eLearning and Coaching.


What you need to know before implementing Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions:

  • With the latest technology support, your WFO strategy will provide real-time visibility and guidance to improve customer service processes and monitor workforce performance.

  • WFO technology solution can help your organization make the decision with preferable, faster, and easier by analyzing customer needs and managing employee productivity. If it runs smoothly, it will drive business revenue and competitive advantage.

  • Phintraco provides the industry’s most unified, a mature workforce optimization platform with the best functions, and it simplifies the system administration and maintenance process.

Workforce Optimization’s Key Benefits:

  • Improving the quality of customer interactions

  • Creating better engagement with customers and employees.

  • Boosting employee productivity and performance

  • Uncovering business trends and opportunities

And the most important thing: with WFO technology solutions, you can run customer service  more effectively. Workforce Optimization is the right strategy to improve service quality. Workforce Optimization solutions can also provide benefits for your employees. The efforts to optimize the number and quality of employees will give a positive impact both for customer and employee satisfaction.