Phintraco Technology Support Services are focused on providing round-the-clock business services that decrease and in cases even eliminate the need for critical business recovery instances.

Customer Support Service & Retention Strategy

As a part of Phintraco Technology Customer Support Service and Retention Strategy, we also provide our customers with:

  • Regular quarterly product or solution updates to enhance knowledge and awareness of our product road map.
  • Customer satisfaction survey, to listen to our customer’s feedback in order to improve our services.
  • Regular customer networking/gathering to improve our customer relationships
  • Phintraco News to inform customers of our:
    • Achievements
    • Events
    • New Products
    • Solution Trends

Phintraco Technology Support Service

  • Available as a yearly subscription, Phintraco Technology Support Service is an all-inclusive support service that combines both specific IT solutions as well as services in order to maintain the required environment at the customer’s end.
  • Delivered in partnership with its technology providers, this support service is aimed at reducing user costs, increasing strategic focus on the customer’s main business and helping to increase the performance of the customer’s system environment.

Phintraco Technology Support Plan

Phintraco Technology Support Plan provides you with 24/7 support availability, allowing you, our customers, to get the most out of your investment.  With this plan, you can relax knowing your support needs are covered around the clock and that your business will run smoothly.

Phintraco Technology Support Plan provides:

  • Multi-channel customer service through phone, email, facsimile and any other electronic means.
  • 24-hour Hotline Support via +62-21-25556177. Customers are able to call round the clock for trouble shooting or support.
  • Trouble or request ticketing using Siebel. Any progress on the request will be noted and updated to the customer.
  • Good response time for critical, major or minor  requests. Commitment for response and resolution time.
  • Certified engineers to support customers for every solutions and services. Every engineer has the capability to access online internet (Modem GSM) and to access VPN for update system ticketing & database.
  • A certificate of International Standard for IT Tools for every tool for implementation.
  • Preventive maintenance to check the health of the system, measure and analyze traffic.
  • Regular monthly reports are generated as a by-product of the onsite preventive maintenance. The report will explain the health of the system and also give traffic analysis and recommendations.
  • Regular monthly meetings with the customer to provide updates for their requests, troubleshooting progress for the problem, update new features, products or information.
  • Minimal stock level for maintenance to prevent service interruption.

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