The Contact Center Technology Can Improve Agent Performance
21 Jun 2022 Phintraco

The Contact Center Technology Can Improve Agent Performance

The advancement of technology affects many industries, including their contact center services. Contact centers currently rely on various technology tools to fulfill the increasing customer requirement. Agents at a contact center can expand the scope of support by creating customer experiences across the platforms, such as email, text messaging, social media, and e-commerce. Therefore, technology is crucial to the functioning of a successful contact center. So then, what are the technologies that a contact center service must or should have?

Contact Center Technology

The answer relies on the needs of a company. It depends on the purpose, the channels utilized, and the location of the contact center. Contact center management can be simple from an operational perspective, but it can also be highly complex and technologically sophisticated. Numerous advanced technologies, systems, tools, and applications can be adapted for use in a contact center. The challenge lies in selecting the proper technology, implementing it correctly, and then maximizing it. The contact center of the company must immediately implement the following technologies:
  1. Unified Communication
Unified communication technology will make it simpler for contact center agents to quickly connect customers with experts in problem-related fields who may be located elsewhere. Another advantage is the ability to communicate with employees via text messages, audio, and video and face important clients or projects with a single click.
  1. Omnichannel
Customers today expect to be able to communicate with contact center agents via multiple channels that can be personalized. In situations such as these, omnichannel communication is particularly useful for satisfying customers' needs. This technology can connect customers with the standards of service delivery they desire. Allows for the centralization and optimization of customer interactions with contact center agents.
  1. Workforce Management
Workforce management is used to forecast the number of phone calls and other interactions, such as email and chat. This technology can assist contact center managers in managing the optimal number of agents to meet the company's needs, taking into account rest time, training, vacation plans, leave, and the contact center agents themselves. In essence, workforce management can be used to determine how many agents must be hired automatically to service all existing customers.
  1. Analytic Tools
Speech analytics and text analytics are analytical tools that can be utilized to improve the performance of contact center agents. For example, speech analytics can improve contact center call services by analyzing telephone calls. In addition, speech analytics is listening to customer interactions to analyze and extract insights that could be lost or missed through manual analysis.Meanwhile, text analytics collect insights from unstructured data in text-based documents and interactions across multiple digital channels. Make it possible for contact center agents to analyze, generate reports, and make decisions for every voice and text interaction.Currently, nearly every industry has its contact center services as part of efforts to support customer service. The implementation of technology in the contact center enables contact center agents to efficiently retrieve information, enter the data, and complete other complex tasks, thereby significantly enhancing the company's productivity and efficiency. Thus, companies can optimize their contact center processes while improving their business operations and customer experience. Phintraco Technology is a provider of IT infrastructure. This Phintraco Group subsidiary provides contact centers with various technology solutions, including the four solutions mentioned above.Contact us at for more information on the technology that must be implemented in the company's contact centre. Reference:

3 High-Value Uses of Speech Analytics for Business
29 Mar 2022 Phintraco

3 High-Value Uses of Speech Analytics for Business

Customer experience is a most-talked topic in business since its standards are constantly changing. As the company's front line, the contact center is responsible for ensuring the best possible response to customers and providing them with efficient solutions to achieve the best customer experience. Using advanced technology such as speech analytics is one approach to achieving this balance. How can this speech analytics benefit your business? Find 3 uses of speech analytics to help your business grow here.

1.                  Sales

Every interaction with a customer or potential customer is an opportunity to develop a relationship or make a sale. There is no doubt that it would be better if the contact center did not always offer products explicitly in terms of sales. The contact center has to know the right time to make a sale, which is their most challenging responsibility. Knowing the right moment to make a sales offer is to be aware of the elements that influence a customer to buy something at one particular moment.Instead of second-guessing, let your customers tell you through past conversations. To identify them, you need this solution that can provide data on which situations lead to which behaviors. This tool will reveal parts of the sales initiative that you can use to modify existing contact center procedures to increase sales.

2.                  Marketing

Records and customer data in the contact center can also help the marketing division to develop. It contains information about your brand perception, deficiencies, or issues to improve. Thus, speech analytics can provide you with all those things, leading to insights about which parts of the company or product could be used for a marketing campaign.Besides, this solution can also help you understand how customers use your products, how your prices compare to others, how easy and effective your sales service is, and how your company image compares directly to competitors. With these insights, the marketing division can develop a marketing campaign according to targets that potentially give profit opportunities for the company.

3.                  Assessment

You can use speech analytics to measure the tone of voice of each customer and the words used to predict customer satisfaction for a particular call accurately. With this, you can find out which customers are at risk and potentially give profit. This solution can help you discover what your customers like and do not like about the products, service levels, and procedures your contact center provides by identifying every conversation between the customer and the contact center.Speech analytics can also provide automated assessments based on various criteria by listening for keywords and phrases, ensuring agents follow processes, and analyzing contact center agents' and customers' language and tone of sentiment. From this assessment, you can apply your best procedure consistently and improve overall performance. Besides the 3 high-value uses of speech analytics above, a speech analytics solution also offers many more benefits for your business. Do not hesitate to start your digital contact center transformation using speech analytics from Phintraco Technology.  References: Related article:

Improve Customer Experience by Using Analytics Tools for Contact Center
22 Mar 2022 Phintraco

Improve Customer Experience by Using Analytics Tools for Contact Center

2022 is still shrouded by the cruel irony of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to survive in this condition. Although the Indonesian government is optimistic that the economic situation will improve in 2022, companies must remain vigilant and set the right strategy to maintain customer loyalty.One of the strategies to maintain customer loyalty is by improving the customer experience. There are many ways to improve customer experience; one of them is using speech analytics and text analytics as add-on analytics tools for a contact center.

Analytics Tools for Contact Center

Many analytical tools can be used in a contact center. Some of the analytical tools that can be used to improve customer experience are speech analytics and text analytics. Let us look at the following explanation to discover the benefits of those tools for a contact center.

Speech Analytics: Turning Voice Into Data

Nowadays, there are many channels to contact the contact center, for example, social media, email, and telephone. A telephone is one of the initial contact center channels used until now because the delivery of problems and information will be clearer when expressed through the voice. Improving telephone service at the contact center can be done by analyzing telephone calls using speech analytics. Speech analytics is the process of listening to customer interactions to analyze and draw insights that might be lost or missed in manual analysis. The benefits of speech analytics are as follows:
  • Improve contact center performance by providing various insights;
  • Reduce agent handling time and repeated calls;
  • Able to know and predict phone calls, and
  • Improve agent compliance, efficiency, and performance.

Text Analytics: Analytics Tool for Digital Channels

Text analytics is capable of gathering insights from unstructured information in text-based documents and interactions across multiple digital channels. This solution enables you to analyze, generate reports, and make decisions for every interaction from voice or text. The benefits of text analytics are as follows:
  • Improve customer insight;
  • Improve operational processes and efficiency;
  • Identify opportunities for self-service at the contact center;
  • Optimize customer engagement, and
  • Evaluate and improve employee performance.
Once the system obtains insights from contact center interactions, your company can quickly determine other strategies to improve customer service and make impactful changes. Customers will experience a different service, and employees can act quickly to improve their service.

Improve Customer Experience by Using Analytics Tools for Contact Center with Phintraco Technology

Customers are easier to attach to a brand or product from a company if various channels are available. Companies must enhance the existing resources to meet customer expectations. One of the right strategies is to continuously improve the performance of the company's contact center by using analytics tools such as speech analytics and text analytics. This strategy will help the company system gain diverse insights to make changes and improve customer experience continuously. Therefore, customers will also be loyal to your company. Phintraco Technology is an IT Infrastructure and services company. This subsidiary of Phintraco Group provides various technology solutions for contact centers, such as speech analytics and text analytics. Entrust the implementation of your company's analytics tools to Phintraco Technology.Contact us at for more information on the contact center's speech and text analytics. References:

How To Beat the Competitors Through Contact Center
15 Mar 2022 Phintraco

How To Beat the Competitors Through Contact Center

Every company has a different contact center system. Some companies have contact centers that record conversations during customer interactions. Meanwhile, other companies provide a contact center that can see through what media customers reach the contact center with an omnichannel solution. Thus, a contact center becomes a valuable part of a competition in providing the best customer service. Then how can a company beat the competitors through a contact center? Let us discuss it here.

Maximize the Use of Analytics Tools in the Contact Center

A contact center is a service from the company to connect with customers directly. Maintaining and improving customer experience is a major concern today. Contact centers can be equipped with various analytical tools to enhance customer experience and stay ahead of competitors. Analytics tools can turn interactions into data that can examine the behavior, chat trends, and consumer demand. These tools are among the right strategies for companies to implement to win the competition.

Analytics Tools Turn Data Into Actionable Strategy

The analysis tool in the contact center produces data that can be useful for the contact center in the future. These data are an important source for companies to improve their services. Here are the benefits of analytics tools for contact centers:
  1. Data maximization
Contact centers do a lot of interaction with customers every day. Imagine those millions of interactions are turned into data that you can use to improve services at the contact center. You will know the trend of incoming calls every month and then determine the right strategy for the long term.
  1. Quick decision making
If you can quickly find the trend of calls in the contact center, your company will easily identify the root cause, make changes, and fix the existing problems in a short time.
  1. Improved employee experience
It is not a secret that the turnover rate in the contact center is considerably high, it reaches 30%-40% because dealing with customers is not as easy as we think. Using data in the contact center can improve the employee experience to know the best way to interact with customers. The skills possessed by contact center agents will also improve and develop the company's value presented to customers. Your company can get valuable data by utilizing analytics tools for the contact center, such as implementing speech and text analytics on the existing contact center system. Speech analytics and text analytics can turn customer interactions into data. Hence, your company can improve customer experience and beat the competitors. Your company can cooperate with Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, to implement analytics tools such as speech analytics and text analytics in your company's contact center. Phintraco Technology is a company engaged in IT Infrastructure and services. One of the services offered by Phintraco Technology is speech analytics and text analytics for the contact center. Contact us at to find out more information about technology solutions that can improve the performance of your company's contact center. References: Related article:

Contact Center Trends 2022: Utilizing Technology to Improve Contact Center Performance
28 Dec 2021 Phintraco

Contact Center Trends 2022: Utilizing Technology to Improve Contact Center Performance

Customers are the most crucial element in the company's business processes. Thus, many companies compete to provide maximum satisfaction for customers who use their products or services. Besides maintaining customers' trust, this effort is also intended to gain more exposure and attract new potential customers. One of the main strategies to striving for a good customer experience is maximizing contact center performance by following current trends.

Contact Center Trends 2022

The current contact center trend in 2022 focuses on providing the best service by utilizing the latest technology. Here is the list of contact center trends for 2022, with technology utilization, that you should pay attention to.

The Use of Desktop Ease the Contact Center Agents’ Work

During the process, contact center employees not only become the face of your company, but they also have other significant roles as problem solvers, product managers, sales executives, consultants, and many more. They must work hard in carrying out these main roles, although sometimes they have to deal with complex problems that require patience, speed, and accuracy. One of the efforts to support the role of contact center agents is by providing a desktop. This desktop is a workspace that can be customized to quickly bring out various applications (CRM and third-party systems) solutions in only one panel. This convenience reduces switching to multiple screens. Hence, your employees can stay motivated and focused on providing the best possible customer experience.

Unified Communication

Currently, it is not only the contact center that has a role in providing the maximum customer experience, but all company employees must also take part. Your company must implement a customer-centered mindset and culture to support contact center employees and contribute to a customer experience that can enhance your company's business development. One strategy to be used is by utilizing seamless cloud-based unified communications and contact center applications. These technologies will ease the contact center employees to connect the expert employees with customers for specific problems quickly. Another convenience is the ability to communicate with fellow employees via text, audio, video, and various files when dealing with customers or important projects with just one click.

Automation Using AI

Contact center agents usually have to deal with complicated and time-consuming things while providing services. At times like this, other technologies that can automate the system in the contact center are needed. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are implemented. By utilizing an AI-based virtual contact center agent, companies can respond to customers 24/7. This automation is still assisted by contact center employees if needed, with structured guidance provided by the system. Another technology that can be used is Conversational Intelligence which automatically provides solutions to various questions or problems that customers often face. With this automation technology, the contact center can work more optimally in an efficient time.

Implementation of Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication technology is one of the innovations used to expand the company's business. The convenience offered by this technology has changed the way business processes work as a whole, including those related to customers. Customers are currently "demanding" to communicate with contact center agents that can be personalized through many channels. Therefore, omnichannel communication is very useful to meet customer needs. Omnichannel communication can bring out the service delivery standards they want. This innovation works by optimizing and focusing on customer interaction and contact center agents. With omnichannel communication, the experience that customers get will be smooth and consistently carried out on any communication channel.

Combination of AI in IVR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the drivers of current technological progress. AI can be used independently and can also be combined with other technologies to get maximum results. The emergence of AI technology has triggered another technological innovation called IVR. AI pioneered the use of speech recognition in IVR. This innovation makes it easier for the contact center to direct the customers (callers) to related employees or departments. Thus, customers will get the assistance to solve their problems quickly and precisely. In addition, IVR systems with AI can pull relevant information or data to personalize customer experience needs. Keeping up and implementing contact center trends is one of the company's efforts to maintain customer performance and trust. Due to technological advancement, existing trends can help companies grow significantly. Phintraco Technology, part of the Phintraco Group, is ready to support your company to transform and keep up with the pace of trends development, especially in the implementation of contact centers with the latest technology. Please find out more about contact centers and other supporting solutions for your company by contacting us at marketing@phintraco.comReferences:

5 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement without a Complicated Process
02 Nov 2021 Phintraco

5 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement without a Complicated Process

Every company has a product or service that must be marketed well to respond and generate revenue as desired. To achieve this, companies need to prepare the right strategy to boost customer engagement. So, it can be said that customer engagement is central to business success.A business cannot just rely on an attractive slogan or work with influential people related to the product or service to boost customer engagement. Companies need to prepare a modern strategy relevant to the current customer's lifestyle by planning the brand's existence on every social media channel, always being there 24/7 to meet customer needs, and being ready to take any opportunity to win customers' hearts.Improving customer engagement may sound complex and complicated to do, but now you don't have to worry. Some many strategies and methods can be applied to boost customer engagement without a complicated process. Here are 5 ways to boost customer engagement without a complicated process:

1. Build a good customer experience

To build a good customer experience, you need to map out ways to interact with customers first – whether in the physical store or the digital realm. In short, the goal is to ease the customers to find and interact with your brand.Social media channel is a great platform to build a customer service team that is available 24 hours. This strategy also helps to assess how well you are doing in achieving customer satisfaction. The assessment can be done by the result analysis of customer interactions with agents and customer feedback.

2. Prepare content that is relevant to customer needs

Spare some time to have a session to understand all the customer needs and challenges they are facing. Set the customer as the center of the session, and talk about the topics they need, not your company. Once you understand the needs and challenges they face, you can prepare relevant solutions to address those needs and challenges.If the process goes well, you can prepare solutions linked to your services and products, then explicate them into content to build open communication with customers. The content presented can be in the form of articles, videos, eBooks, guidebooks, special access to the customer service team, and others.Sharing content and knowledge relevant to their needs is the best way to maintain or boost customer engagement and foster long-term customer relationships.

3. Create product innovations that suit customer needs

After preparing relevant content for customer needs, the next step to increasing customer engagement is by creating product innovations based on customer needs.To achieve successful customer engagement, companies need to build the brand personality required by customers. Creating an innovation based on customer needs can be done by measuring the effectiveness of previous content. By referring to the content performance, companies can find out what kind of products customers need and want.

4. Focus on customer retention

Related parties will realize that retaining existing customers is more difficult than getting new customers as the business runs for a long time and grows bigger. Existing customers will spend more money buying a product or using a brand's services, then recommend it to family or friends, most of whom will also become your new customers.Therefore, it is necessary to focus more on customer retention. Preparing good quality customer service is key to maintaining customer retention.

5. Implementing Customer Engagement Optimization solutions

Customer Engagement Optimization is a necessary solution that companies need to have. The purpose is to anticipate customer needs, analyze customer interactions and feedback obtained, and provide products and services based on each customer's preferences. The Customer Engagement Optimization solution combines the functionalities and capabilities of Customer Analytics, Engagement Management, and Workforce Optimization. Hence, it will help companies build better relationships with their customers and employees to build better service quality. More info about Customer Engagement Optimization can be read in the following article: customer engagement, retaining existing customers, and attracting new customers will no longer be difficult if you apply those 5 ways. Everyone loves to be heard, cared for, respected, needed, and treated like they are precious. Making customers feel these things can keep them loyal and not leave your product or service by switching to competitors.Contact us for further consultation on Customer Engagement Optimization References: