UcaaS Provides Flexible Communication and Collaboration Solutions
14 Jun 2022 Phintraco

UcaaS Provides Flexible Communication and Collaboration Solutions

The use of technology in enterprise management aims to maximize employee work productivity as well as improve business efficiency and effectiveness. Likewise in the use of information communication technology in business activity. Enterprises require communication devices that may allow workers to communicate with one other via text, audio, and video. As a solution to information communication challenges, UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service is expected to contribute in increasing business productivity, customer service, and employee mobile work efficiency. Flexible Communication and Collaboration Solutions

Increase Productivity: No Matter Where Employees Are

As-a-Service Unified Communications combines various business communication tools into a productive center for increased efficiency. UCaaS allows employees to communicate with the office from any place and provides access to all necessary tools on different platforms. This benefit is required by enterprises so that businesses may continue operating wherever employees are located and minimize the occurrence of a fall in productivity in the business activities of a company. Flexible Communication and Collaboration Solutions

Integrated Within One Work System

Unified communication as a service enables all employees to manage various types of communication on many devices inside one work environment. According to Forbes, workers use an average of 4 communications apps, with 20% workers using 6 or more platforms. Imagine if employees had to switch between different devices and applications in order to send emails, make phone calls, activate conferences, and collaborate with other teams. Employees will have difficulty working. Based on Forbes information, 70% of workers say they are challenged by the sheer volume of work communication. However, the service can now support all activities in a central site. UCaaS enhances business agility and simplifies internal, by combining lines across communication channels.

Optimize Enterprise Business Communication and Collaboration with UCaaS Solution Adoption

The usage of communication technologies such as email, messenger, fax, voice mail, and teleconference, will continually affect the enterprise's cashflow. For this reason, an integrated and collaborative communication management system is essential, so that it is efficient and effective. In this instance, the enterprise may employ technology unified communication as a service . This technology can undoubtedly combine all technological devices in the management of enterprise operations. By adopting UCaaS technology, the Enterprise is modernizing its operations and ensuring that user ideas can be accommodated appropriately in this digital era. Phintraco Technology is a company that provides IT infrastructure. One of the subsidiaries of the Phintraco Group serves a wide range of technology solutions including information and communication technologies, such as Unified Communication as a Service Solutions.Contact us at for more information about Unified Communication as a Service to support your enterprise's business processes. Reference:

UCaaS: The Future of Business Communication
07 Jun 2022 Phintraco

UCaaS: The Future of Business Communication

Currently, the implementation of the WFA working system or work from anywhere is widely proclaimed by the company. To support the WFA working system, businesses must simplify corporate communication so that divisions may interact from anywhere and at any time. Companies may implement the UCaaS system to ease communication amongst staff. What are UCaaS and its benefits for business? Let's look at the following explanation.

UCaaS: Cloud Office Solutions

Indirectly, the communication system often utilized by enterprises via video calls, chat apps, and audio conversations is a cloud communication system. Unified Communication as a Service or UCaaS is a cloud-based, integrated communication service that supports at least six communication functions, including enterprise telephony, meetings (audio/video/web conferencing), unified messaging, instant messaging, mobility, and communication-supporting business processes. UCaaS is essentially a cloud-based communications service model that offers a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services.

Benefits of UCaaS:

Integration is essential for the smooth and rapid operation of business processes. Unified Communication as a Service is a complete solution for businesses. Here are additional benefits if the enterprise employs the UCaaS model for its business communication solutions.
  1. Supports remote workforce
Without technology that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, remote work will not be effective. According to a Gartner survey, more than 80% of companies want to allow remote work after the pandemic. Here, Unified Communication as a Service functions as a communication technology that simplifies employee interaction. Because everything is accessible, UCaaS enables employees to interact effectively and efficiently.
  1. One solution, one interface
Experience the usage of a single solution with several communication features integrated. Additionally, frequent feature updates are conducted to add new capabilities and values, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  1. Cost savings
UCaaS offers a variety of options to meet the requirements of your business. As a result, UCaaS's cost implementation model is based on the service and number of users, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.
  1. No additional resources requiring
There is no need to prepare extra employees to implement UCaaS. Future updates, including security features and additions, will be made available automatically. As a result, your IT team will be able to focus on what's necessary for business operations and contribute to your company's growth.These are the benefits of UCaaS for your business. In addition, you may collaborate with Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group that specializes in IT infrastructure. Unified Communications is one of the services provided by Phintraco Technology. With more than 20 years of experience, Phintraco Technology has provided the most effective IT solutions to various industries.Contact us by emailing for more information about Unified Communications. Reference:

Traditional Infrastructure vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure: What’s the Difference?
25 Jan 2022 Phintraco

Traditional Infrastructure vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure: What’s the Difference?

Technology that is continuously developing urges companies to update their IT systems constantly. IT systems that have not been updated for so long will be considered a traditional infrastructure. Technology developments generate new technology in various IT systems. One of them is the invention of hyper-converged infrastructure. So, what’s the difference between traditional infrastructure and hyper-converged infrastructure? Discover the answer in the following explanation.

Traditional Infrastructure

Before current technology existed, every IT system was sold separately. For example, server, storage, network, even cable was sold separately in each device. The purpose is to let the company freely choose the IT system based on their needs. However, this approach might increase the operational costs due to the product's durability, whether the product will last one to five years. Since technology is continuously developing, this approach is considered disadvantageous for the company in terms of cost. The company must ensure every component, both the former component and the one that will be updated, can work properly and support the operating system one to another.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is software that has an integrated system that combines all elements of a traditional data center, such as storage, compute, networking, and management. Hyperconverged infrastructure aims to make an almost invisible infrastructure. Commonly, an IT infrastructure consists of several components and requires sufficient space to hold them. Hyperconverged infrastructure can simplify the traditional IT infrastructure and make it “invisible”. Automatic system updates make hyper-converged infrastructure simpler. Companies implementing hyper-converged infrastructure will focus more on improving their business because they do not spend so much time managing the infrastructures running automatically.

Traditional Infrastructure vs. Hyper-converged Infrastructure

The main difference between traditional infrastructure and hyper-converged infrastructure is on their units. The traditional infrastructure consists of several different units and requires a place to store these units. In contrast, hyper-converged infrastructure offers almost invisible infrastructure units because most systems are hidden within the hyper-converged infrastructure platform. If your company does not focus on IT systems, the traditional infrastructure may be suitable since the implemented devices are customized based on the company’s needs. However, if your company wants to make innovations regularly to grow and needs minimal periodic maintenance, your company needs a hyper-converged infrastructure. Each type of infrastructure has its advantages and disadvantages. Your company must have a detailed justification before implementing IT infrastructure. Consult your company's IT system with Phintraco Technology to get the best IT solution based on your company's needs. Phintraco Group has a subsidiary involved in IT Infrastructure called Phintraco Technology.Contact our expert team at for more detailed explanations of hyper-converged infrastructure. References: Related article:

Make Your Company More Innovative Using Hyper-converged Infrastructure
18 Jan 2022 Phintraco

Make Your Company More Innovative Using Hyper-converged Infrastructure

In the current digital era, companies are getting more competitive, competing to win the best position in their industry. Companies must continuously innovate to create the best business for customers and continue to grow. Companies can apply many strategies to be able to develop innovative businesses. One of the strategies is using hyper-converged infrastructure in its IT systems.

Description of Hyper-converged Infrastructure

The emergence of hyper-converged infrastructure has become a massive change for storage systems and data centers.  Hyperconverged infrastructure is the latest software-based technology that can integrate virtualization, compute, storage, and networking resources on IT hardware. The results produced by hyper-converged infrastructure are better than traditional infrastructure in general. Hyperconverged infrastructure can make management systems work automatically and simplify the complexity of IT infrastructure. Companies already using hyper-converged infrastructure are becoming more agile, have broad coverage, and save costs.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Helps Companies to Become More Innovative

Companies get many benefits when using hyper-converged infrastructure on their IT systems. One of the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure is that it can help its business performance become more efficient by cutting administration time by 50%. Hence, IT employees can be more focused on strategic tasks. IT employees will also create more strategic moves and create more innovative businesses. Besides, hyper-converged infrastructure has the backup and DR capability to restore the system in minutes, usually taking 7 days. On a cost basis, the company would save $300,000 on its operations.Last but not least, hyper-converged infrastructure can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This benefit will make employee performance more efficient. Therefore, employees will have more time to create a more innovative business.

Why is it Important to Use Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Companies will get many benefits if they use hyper-converged infrastructure. Hyperconverged infrastructure is very suitable for companies that prioritize technology in their business. Companies that start to transform digitally will need a lot of technology solutions to make it easier to run their business. Thus, a simple IT infrastructure capable of integrating all IT systems will be needed, and the use of hyper-converged infrastructure is one of the right strategies to manage this. Besides reducing the company's need for excessive power, space, and cooling systems, hyper-converged infrastructure also can reduce OPEX by 70%. In the end, the company will have an efficient IT system that also delivers maximum performance and benefits for the company. Make your company more innovative using hyper-converged infrastructure with Phintraco Technology. Phintraco Technology is a company that provides IT services and solutions. Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, can help companies integrate and implement IT systems based on your company's needs. One of them is by implementing hyper-converged infrastructure. Contact us at to get more information about the hyper-converged infrastructure. References:

3 Key Areas of Modern IT Infrastructure
11 Jan 2022 Phintraco

3 Key Areas of Modern IT Infrastructure

Technology is developing very fast. Technological developments make various kinds of IT infrastructure more straightforward and faster. Companies must continuously follow technological developments to build more sophisticated business innovations. The use of modern IT infrastructure can help your company gain broad insights to create business innovations that are better than before.The Forbes Insights/Cisco survey stated that using a modern IT infrastructure is key to producing insightful analysis. Insightful analysis results are useful for making various decisions and creating innovations to develop the business. Therefore, modern IT infrastructure is needed by companies to grow in today's digital era continuously.

Key Areas of Modern IT Infrastructure

Having a modern IT infrastructure is very beneficial for its business growth. One of the benefits is that companies can keep innovating new ideas because modern IT infrastructure can provide broader analysis. Discover the benefits of using other IT infrastructures here. When building a modern IT infrastructure, make sure your company updates the critical key areas of IT such as:
  1. Networks
Technological developments offer many types of networks that are constantly being updated. Ensure your company keeps the networks up to date when building a modern IT infrastructure. It is important to support the company to continue improving the ability of networks to combine important information from various internal and external sources. An example of updated networks is updating intelligent networks that use specialized sensors to collect real-time data on customers, production facilities, supply chains, and other core operations. Based on data from Forbes, it is known that 88% of company leaders will allocate their spending to new communication channels in the next 12 months. The purpose is t to improve the company's ability to collect important data, which will provide more access to more accurate and timely data.
  1. Data Management Resources
Data is not only collected into a data repository. Important data is also managed effectively to keep it safe. Updating the modern IT infrastructure is important to reduce fragmented data and produce inconsistent results. If the data is fragmented and makes inconsistent data, it will reduce the accuracy of the data and the timeliness of the information collected. Updating IT infrastructure related to data is obviously related to more modern cloud and server technologies.
  1. Analytics Tools
The analysis is crucial to making a company grow. Conducting analysis helps the company observe the company's strengths and weaknesses to provide the best service for customers. Various analytical tools are needed to facilitate decision-making and produce good quality analysis results. Updating the analysis tool to the latest and more modern version can produce fast analysis results and make the right decisions for the company's progress.The 3 key areas in modern IT infrastructure greatly facilitate companies innovating and creating new business opportunities. To make it easier for companies in making decisions regarding IT infrastructure updates, make sure you choose an IT Infrastructure service provider company that understands the digital world demands and has collaborated with well-known IT companies. So your company can use the latest and more modern technology.Phintraco Technology is a subsidiary of Phintraco Group that provides IT Infrastructure Consulting & System Integrator services. Phintraco Technology serves various types of IT infrastructure solutions.Contact us by emailing to find out more information and expert explanations about modern IT infrastructure. Reference: Related article:

Contact Center Trends 2022: Utilizing Technology to Improve Contact Center Performance
28 Dec 2021 Phintraco

Contact Center Trends 2022: Utilizing Technology to Improve Contact Center Performance

Customers are the most crucial element in the company's business processes. Thus, many companies compete to provide maximum satisfaction for customers who use their products or services. Besides maintaining customers' trust, this effort is also intended to gain more exposure and attract new potential customers. One of the main strategies to striving for a good customer experience is maximizing contact center performance by following current trends.

Contact Center Trends 2022

The current contact center trend in 2022 focuses on providing the best service by utilizing the latest technology. Here is the list of contact center trends for 2022, with technology utilization, that you should pay attention to.

The Use of Desktop Ease the Contact Center Agents’ Work

During the process, contact center employees not only become the face of your company, but they also have other significant roles as problem solvers, product managers, sales executives, consultants, and many more. They must work hard in carrying out these main roles, although sometimes they have to deal with complex problems that require patience, speed, and accuracy. One of the efforts to support the role of contact center agents is by providing a desktop. This desktop is a workspace that can be customized to quickly bring out various applications (CRM and third-party systems) solutions in only one panel. This convenience reduces switching to multiple screens. Hence, your employees can stay motivated and focused on providing the best possible customer experience.

Unified Communication

Currently, it is not only the contact center that has a role in providing the maximum customer experience, but all company employees must also take part. Your company must implement a customer-centered mindset and culture to support contact center employees and contribute to a customer experience that can enhance your company's business development. One strategy to be used is by utilizing seamless cloud-based unified communications and contact center applications. These technologies will ease the contact center employees to connect the expert employees with customers for specific problems quickly. Another convenience is the ability to communicate with fellow employees via text, audio, video, and various files when dealing with customers or important projects with just one click.

Automation Using AI

Contact center agents usually have to deal with complicated and time-consuming things while providing services. At times like this, other technologies that can automate the system in the contact center are needed. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are implemented. By utilizing an AI-based virtual contact center agent, companies can respond to customers 24/7. This automation is still assisted by contact center employees if needed, with structured guidance provided by the system. Another technology that can be used is Conversational Intelligence which automatically provides solutions to various questions or problems that customers often face. With this automation technology, the contact center can work more optimally in an efficient time.

Implementation of Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication technology is one of the innovations used to expand the company's business. The convenience offered by this technology has changed the way business processes work as a whole, including those related to customers. Customers are currently "demanding" to communicate with contact center agents that can be personalized through many channels. Therefore, omnichannel communication is very useful to meet customer needs. Omnichannel communication can bring out the service delivery standards they want. This innovation works by optimizing and focusing on customer interaction and contact center agents. With omnichannel communication, the experience that customers get will be smooth and consistently carried out on any communication channel.

Combination of AI in IVR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the drivers of current technological progress. AI can be used independently and can also be combined with other technologies to get maximum results. The emergence of AI technology has triggered another technological innovation called IVR. AI pioneered the use of speech recognition in IVR. This innovation makes it easier for the contact center to direct the customers (callers) to related employees or departments. Thus, customers will get the assistance to solve their problems quickly and precisely. In addition, IVR systems with AI can pull relevant information or data to personalize customer experience needs. Keeping up and implementing contact center trends is one of the company's efforts to maintain customer performance and trust. Due to technological advancement, existing trends can help companies grow significantly. Phintraco Technology, part of the Phintraco Group, is ready to support your company to transform and keep up with the pace of trends development, especially in the implementation of contact centers with the latest technology. Please find out more about contact centers and other supporting solutions for your company by contacting us at marketing@phintraco.comReferences: