Tech Refresh & Upgrade to Keep IT Infrastructure Agile and Reliable

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Has your company’s IT team ever experienced a condition like company’s IT infrastructure such as servers or storage are in interruptions suddenly during peak hours or in the middle of the night? Have these IT equipment been periodically monitored and maintained in a physical or IT monitoring system?

To overcome those challenges and help companies have an agile and reliable IT infrastructure, Phintraco Technology provides Tech Refresh & Upgrade program to help companies keeping their IT infrastructure agile and reliable by doing evaluation on a regular basis, especially for Server, Storage, and Network. This program can provide an accurate input and suggestion based on data server and storage from Advanced Tools Software to determine the capacity of the components and find out if it is time for the components to be rejuvenated.

Here are the key benefits of Tech Refresh and Upgrade program from Phintraco Technology:

– Make it easier for the company’s IT team to handle and prioritize more important tasks.

– The reliability of IT infrastructure and virtualization are always maintained

– Trusted partner for the maintenance services for IT infrastructure or data center IT infrastructure relocation

– Phintraco Technology is supported by Velis Helpdesk System and experienced professionals

– Consultation and technical advice for developing IT infrastructure based on accurate data from Advanced Tools Software

In addition to Tech Refresh and Upgrade program, Phintraco Technology also provides consultation services, supply and maintain IT infrastructure in Data Center (Server, Storage, Network and PABX) periodically.

With a variety of customized IT services, companies will get more benefits, such as increase work flexibility and agility. To achieve those benefits, you need to find an IT solution provider company that offers comprehensive services for all of your company’s IT needs. Please contact our team at for further information.

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