Top Emerging Technology Trends in 2021

03 Dec 2020 Phintraco

Top Emerging Technology Trends in 2021

Technology and business are closely related in today’s digital era. Especially throughout 2020, there have been a change in business world driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all organizations are accelerating their digital transformation journey during the global Covid-19 pandemic and shifting their strategies into high gear and are on the path to accomplish in a few months what would normally have taken them years because they intend to achieve their own business targets during times of crisis.

Gartner has released the top emerging technology trends in 2021. Most of them are arising because the needs to survive during Covid-19 pandemic. These technology trends in 2021 need to be implemented within an organizations to make them adapt to the new world of business for now and in the future. Cannot wait to discover it soon? Now let us discover together the top emerging technology trends in 2021!

1. Technology trends in 2021: Internet of Behavior (IoB)

First, Gartner predicts IoB as technology trends in 2021. IoB is about using data to drive behavior and preference within an organization. IoB can gather, combine, and process data from various sources. The increase in technology solution that can process data has enabled this trend to grow.

IoB enables flexibility for business to overcome unpredictable changes driven by Covid-19 and the current economic state of the world. To follow this trend, organizations can implement big data analytics solution.

2. Technology trends in 2021: Total experience strategy

Total experience is a strategy that combines multiexperience, customer experience, employee experience and user experience to transform business results. The goal is to improve the overall experience where all of these experiences intersect, from technology to employees to customers and users.

If an organization is able to improve those experiences simultaneously, it is expected to have differentiation from competitors in a way that is difficult to replicate, and create sustainable competitive advantage. To follow this trend, an organization can implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Unified Communication solution.

3. Technology trends in 2021: Privacy-enhancing computation

Privacy-enhancing computation presents three technologies that protect data while it is being used. The first one provides trusted environment to process and analyze sensitive data. The second one performs processing and analytics in a decentralized way. The third one encrypts algorithms and data before it is processed or analyzed.

This trend enables organizations to work together on projects securely without sacrificing confidentiality. This trend is designed specifically for the increasing need to share data while ensuring its security.

To follow this trend, an organization can implement some of IT security solutions including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Data Loss Prevention, Network Traffic Analytic, Fraud Analytic, and Identity Governance and Administration.

4. Technology trends in 2021: Distributed cloud

Distributed cloud is cloud services that are distributed to different physical locations, but the operation and governance remain the responsibility of public cloud provider.

These service enables organizations to reduce data costs and stick to the laws that dictate data must remain in a specific geographical area. Also, it means that organizations still benefit from the use of public cloud. They do not have to manage private cloud, which can be costly and complex. Gartner says that “Distributed cloud is the future of cloud.”

5. Technology trends in 2021: Anywhere operation

Anywhere operation is one of important trends to follow within organization to emerge successfully in any situations. In brief, this operating model allows for business things to be done anywhere. There is no worry if customers, employers and business partners operate in different physical environments.

Anywhere operation is closely related to the term digital first and remote first. Currently, some of banking companies have implemented this trend. Customers who want to make transactions and open a bank account do not need to come to the branch and interact physically with the employees. The use of technology related to this trend enables those needs to be handled virtually.

With the presence of this trend, it does not mean that physical office does not have its place, but it should be digitally enhanced to help businesses fulfill and satisfy customer needs in any situations.

6. Technology trends in 2021: Cybersecurity mesh

Cybersecurity mesh is a distributed architectural approach to scale cyber security control. Cybersecurity mesh is basically a security parameter for securing identity of a person or thing. Cybersecurity mesh is a type of a more responsive and proactive cyber security strategy.

To follow this trend, organizations can implement Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution.

7. Technology trends in 2021: Intelligent composable business

Intelligent composable business is a strategy that helps organization to easily adapt to the current situation. As organizations accelerate strategy to drive faster digital transformation, they need to be able to make quick business decisions driven by currently available data.

To successfully implement this trend, organizations must have better access to information, and augment that information with better insight and have the ability to respond quickly to the implications of that insight. Therefore, organizations can have an efficient business process, and able to overcome any unpredictable challenges.

To follow this technology trend, organizations can implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

8. Technology trends in 2021: Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is the concept for businesses that “anything that can be automated should be automated”. This trend is driven by organizations that have out-of-date business processes that are not streamlined, so it can create expensive issues for organizations itself.

To grow a business consistently, an organization requires business processes that are agile and efficient. Organizations that do not focus on those factors will be left behind. To follow this trend, an organization can implement Robotic Process Automation solution.

After reading the top 8 emerging technology trends in 2021 predicted by Gartner, have you been able to measure any improvement within your organization in terms of technological advancement for the upcoming 2021?

Phintraco Group, as a group of companies that specializes in providing complete IT solutions and services, will remain active and ready to help organizations to implement the right technology based on their current needs to achieve better growth and accelerate their digital transformation processes for the upcoming year, especially with the existence of pandemic-driven change. Now is the right time for all organizations to prepare technological advancement for achieving better business in 2021.


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