The Contact Center Technology Can Improve Agent Performance

21 Jun 2022 Phintraco

The Contact Center Technology Can Improve Agent Performance

The advancement of technology affects many industries, including their contact center services. Contact centers currently rely on various technology tools to fulfill the increasing customer requirement. Agents at a contact center can expand the scope of support by creating customer experiences across the platforms, such as email, text messaging, social media, and e-commerce. Therefore, technology is crucial to the functioning of a successful contact center. So then, what are the technologies that a contact center service must or should have?

Contact Center Technology

The answer relies on the needs of a company. It depends on the purpose, the channels utilized, and the location of the contact center. Contact center management can be simple from an operational perspective, but it can also be highly complex and technologically sophisticated. Numerous advanced technologies, systems, tools, and applications can be adapted for use in a contact center. The challenge lies in selecting the proper technology, implementing it correctly, and then maximizing it. The contact center of the company must immediately implement the following technologies:

  1. Unified Communication

Unified communication technology will make it simpler for contact center agents to quickly connect customers with experts in problem-related fields who may be located elsewhere. Another advantage is the ability to communicate with employees via text messages, audio, and video and face important clients or projects with a single click.

  1. Omnichannel

Customers today expect to be able to communicate with contact center agents via multiple channels that can be personalized. In situations such as these, omnichannel communication is particularly useful for satisfying customers’ needs. This technology can connect customers with the standards of service delivery they desire. Allows for the centralization and optimization of customer interactions with contact center agents.

  1. Workforce Management

Workforce management is used to forecast the number of phone calls and other interactions, such as email and chat. This technology can assist contact center managers in managing the optimal number of agents to meet the company’s needs, taking into account rest time, training, vacation plans, leave, and the contact center agents themselves. In essence, workforce management can be used to determine how many agents must be hired automatically to service all existing customers.

  1. Analytic Tools

Speech analytics and text analytics are analytical tools that can be utilized to improve the performance of contact center agents. For example, speech analytics can improve contact center call services by analyzing telephone calls. In addition, speech analytics is listening to customer interactions to analyze and extract insights that could be lost or missed through manual analysis.

Meanwhile, text analytics collect insights from unstructured data in text-based documents and interactions across multiple digital channels. Make it possible for contact center agents to analyze, generate reports, and make decisions for every voice and text interaction.

Currently, nearly every industry has its contact center services as part of efforts to support customer service. The implementation of technology in the contact center enables contact center agents to efficiently retrieve information, enter the data, and complete other complex tasks, thereby significantly enhancing the company’s productivity and efficiency. Thus, companies can optimize their contact center processes while improving their business operations and customer experience. Phintraco Technology is a provider of IT infrastructure. This Phintraco Group subsidiary provides contact centers with various technology solutions, including the four solutions mentioned above.

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